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Code: CompletionFeatureOC-11041Sort types in completion according to scope
FeatureOC-11136Complete enum case names
BugOC-13920Extra dot is inserted in Smart Completion for enum member with type specifier
UsabilityOC-12327Completion should insert argument placeholders in pure C/C++ functions
Code: FormattingFeatureOC-12654Format swift chained methods.
FeatureOC-13240Formatter: "Wrap if long" for method parameters
FeatureOC-11504Swift Code Style, missing options for space after ':'
BugOC-13990'Wrap always' option for method declaration parameters is not applied while typing
BugOC-14127Swift formatter exception
BugOC-14183Formatter: support Swift 3 SE-0081 (Move where clause to end of declaration)
BugOC-11445Closures are incorrectly split into several lines
Code: GenerationBugOC-13868For Live Template: next tab is selected even if chosen lookup element has call parameters
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsFeatureOC-11860Add semantic highlighting support for Objective-C
BugOC-13524NSString can't resolve variable
Code: ParsingBugOC-13836Swift 3: Move where clause to end of declaration (SE-0081)
Code: ResolvingBugOC-14157Assigning closures with incompatible `inout` parameters are not verified
Unit TestingFeatureOC-12491Support UI testing for iOS devices & simulators
User InterfaceUsabilityOC-13933Welcome Wizard is too big for 13" display, buttons hidden behind application dock
No subsystemBugCPP-7498CLion shows incorrect error annotations for _Generic_selections expression
BugCPP-7609java.lang.ArithmeticException: BigInteger: modulus not positive
Code: CompletionBugCPP-7272No code completion for C99 and C11 keywords
Code: DocumentationFeatureCPP-6642Doxygen: Support \tparam tag
BugCPP-7446Quick Documentation fails for (not) exported functions
BugCPP-7377Doxygen: CLion generates @return for constructor
BugCPP-7294Doxygen: Rename of template parameter works incorrectly when EOL comment-group is splitted
BugCPP-7387Automatic Doxygen tag generation bug for functions returning macro
Code: GenerationFeatureCPP-416virtual symbol unneeded when function marked with override symbol
Code: Highlighting and InspectionsFeatureCPP-778Semantic per-variable highlighting for C/C++
BugCPP-7113Support related per-variable highlighting semantic in Doxygen
BugCPP-4432Incorrect evaluation of sizeof
BugCPP-2307Loop condition is not updated inside the loop (false positive)
BugCPP-7265Support __builtin_unreachable
BugCPP-3747Invalid 'Local variables used in loop condition are not updated in the loop'
BugCPP-2377Variable read by cin is not detected as changed
BugCPP-6219Disable equality checks in DFA for float values
BugCPP-7142False inspection "local variable is never used" when used in sizeof()
BugCPP-7077Binary shift operators on char literals evaluated incorrectly
BugCPP-7638Incorrect "Condition is always false" when a value is passed by reference.
BugCPP-1077Local variable used in loop condition is not updated in the loop in do/while loop doesn't work
BugCPP-7659DFA doesn't handle reference initializations
Code: ParsingFeatureCPP-2394Parse C++14 digit separator
BugCPP-7495No completion for "default" keyword inside generic selection expression
BugCPP-2120No support for _Generic keyword
BugCPP-7551User defined literals: Parsing error when one suffix appears on all concatenated literals
BugCPP-1746C++: 'restrict' is not a keyword.
BugCPP-5838C++14 std::chrono_literals not recognized
TaskCPP-1727Support user-defined literals
Code: RefactoringsBugCPP-7299Doxygen: Rename doesn't work for constructor parameter in doxygen comment when extra line
Code: ResolvingBugCPP-4690Invalid overload resolution for copy/move constructor and assignment-overload
BugCPP-7185Can't resolve enum class member declared further in the same class
DebuggerTaskCPP-7052Generic support for project opened from symlinked directories, including remote debug and path mappings
Debugger: LLDBUsabilityCPP-7015LLDB: Names of threads in Frames toolwindow should be more readable
CSSBugIDEA-160317SASS: Built-in fade-out function not recognized
ConsoleBugIDEA-152620Move Filter#applyFilter from EDT to the pooled thread
BugIDEA-145124Console contents not visible when window is floating
BugIDEA-161123Saving console output to file produces an empty file
UsabilityIDEA-63980Make idea.cycle.buffer.size configurable in IDEA GUI / IDEA settings
Diff_MergeFeatureIDEA-64244Enable "annotate" feature in merge window.
FeatureIDEA-138701Separate gutter highlighting for whitespace-only changes
BugIDEA-160646External Diff Tool: file extension is empty for files with unknown file types
BugIDEA-147700Diff view opens new window in smallest window possible only showing close, min, max buttons
BugIDEA-158003Compare Files no longer works with files in archives (jar, zip)
BugIDEA-151274Column selection mode does not work in 3-way merge
PerformanceIDEA-159879Memory leak while looking many diffs
UsabilityIDEA-141671Filenames used in external merge are not immediately self-documenting
CosmeticsIDEA-136265Diff view: the collapsed lines markers are not visible with some look and feels
Editor. Editing TextFeatureIDEA-158886Live Template unable to use variable + constant as default
BugIDEA-161105Breakpoints move unexpectedly on editing
BugIDEA-144876Dragging breakpoint produces text selection
BugIDEA-160423Caret#selectLineAtCaret(and others) operate on a different caret instance
BugIDEA-98074Line spacing makes cursor oversized
BugIDEA-159399Selection gets broken for multi clicking Alt+Shift+Middle Mouse Button
BugIDEA-159638scratch buffers generate errors in undo
BugIDEA-157196Regression: mouse wheel scroll doesn't work while highlighting editor text
BugIDEA-161293Console Font preview - gutter is not updated on font size change
BugIDEA-92182Removal of trailing whitespace on file save should treat Groovy multiline strings and property files correctly
BugIDEA-43257When several JDKs are used in project modules, "Overridden in subclasses" list includes classes from every JDK
BugIDEA-159777ObjectNotDisposedException on project close with opened evaluate window
BugIDEA-158559Drag in annotations area starts selection
BugIDEA-152063IntelliJ fails to use encoding from project settings for files containing breakpoints when project is opened
BugIDEA-158038Multi-caret typing of a text where some characters are inserted automatically results to different content of the first and other lines
BugIDEA-106950Incremental selection doesn't work in android logcat
BugIDEA-157592Move text through drag'n'drop on line numbers doesn't work. It copies the text instead
BugIDEA-161056In column mode, after pressing Shift-PageDown to efficiently extend the column to the bottom of the page, Shift-UpArrow stops working.
BugIDEA-159929# in custom File templates in WebStorm are marked as errors
BugIDEA-159281In .rb files when commenting with line comment Hebrew text is inverted
BugIDEA-140614Find action search field doesn't respect editor's keymap for 'paste' and 'cut up to line end' actions
BugIDEA-158439Newline in FoldingBuilder.getPlaceholderText is displayed differently cross-platform
BugIDEA-156530Trailing whitespace being stripped only from the file which editor tab is active
BugIDEA-96781Quick Documentation: after closing pinned Documentation window it doesn't open when the caret is in documentation comments
BugIDEA-160978'Quick Documentation' doesn't work in modal dialogs
BugIDEA-159282When commenting with line comment Hebrew text is placed on the left side of the comment
BugIDEA-158635Toggling Ligatures does not update font preview
BugIDEA-159655Wrong var definition in iterate list template
PerformanceIDEA-157087Issue with Xml with Ligature
PerformanceIDEA-157963Editor search leak when closing the editor
PerformanceIDEA-156978LineSet should handle typing in large lines more efficiently
UsabilityIDEA-126952Scratches should have an extension
UsabilityIDEA-159092Middle mouse double click does selection in editor
UsabilityIDEA-111169Selecting lines using tap-drag (not click) on macbook forgets last line of selection.
UsabilityIDEA-158519Property files containing RTL strings and tokens (Arabic and Hebrew) are not rendered correctly
UsabilityIDEA-159851External documentation doesn't jump to method, only top of the file on OS X
UsabilityIDEA-152763Javadoc attached to library made by Doclava doesn't show due to attribute difference
UsabilityIDEA-158599Semicolon not inserted in string literals and comments
UsabilityIDEA-156758Disable non project files writing protection, when file is opened explicitly
CosmeticsIDEA-161026Quickdoc badly shows initialization of array
ExceptionIDEA-160596Transaction assertion from daemon createPasses
ExceptionIDEA-159106TraceableDisposable$DisposalException at at com.intellij.openapi.util.TraceableDisposable.throwDisposalError()
ExceptionIDEA-159934java.awt.HeadlessException is thrown while building searchable options in headless mode
ExceptionIDEA-160466Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.editor.impl.SoftWrapModelImpl.getRegisteredSoftWraps
File SystemBugIDEA-157840Save Document action doesn't work during indexing
BugIDEA-159022Gradle project doesn't see the updated jar file after sibling Maven module artifact rebuilt
BugIDEA-160580When symlink target changes to another with different content but the same length, content is not reloaded
BugIDEA-161568UI Freezes after maven build ends
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-157910Find in path should be able to search in several threads
FeatureIDEA-156611Find/Replace toolbar: Escape now clears the replace lineedit which also clears the lineedit history entry
BugIDEA-14042910s hang on changing groupping in show usages
BugIDEA-159341Replace in file: Regex for start of line matches twice on empty lines
BugIDEA-161214Find in Path: Preview editor does not abide by option "Allow placement of caret after end of line"
BugIDEA-156921Find In Path toolwindow - focus is stolen by "Preview Occurrences" editor
BugIDEA-120868Usage search "No Results" popup too small
BugIDEA-112749Find field unicode support
BugIDEA-160080Find query lost when switching between "find in path" and "replace in path" dialogs
BugIDEA-104681Regex Find always case-sensitive with non-english characters
BugIDEA-113756package usage in import resolves to the class with the same name
BugIDEA-159829when editing in find result previews the cursor jumps some number of characters after insertion
BugIDEA-157351Replace in Path: When next file is opening, code editor is blank (hangs) with "Loading" spinner
BugIDEA-156850find preview ignores app settings ("soft wraps": off, "indent guides": on)
BugIDEA-120891PhpStorm stuck after trying to cancel find in path
BugIDEA-157575Unexpected Cursor Behavior in Search
BugIDEA-160975Find Usages does not search in library sources when there are several JDKs in the project
BugIDEA-160192Seach and replace inconsistency started from Seach dialog
BugIDEA-146150Page up/down in preview mode of find in path
BugIDEA-158241Find Usages fails to find usages
BugIDEA-150931Find in Path dialog: Preview tab doesn't show file path anywhere.
PerformanceIDEA-158028PropertyReferenceBase#isReferenceTo could check that "element" is a property before resolving
UsabilityIDEA-73115"Show Usages" action should be more smart and detect on which usage it's invoked
UsabilityIDEA-87037Usability: Find in Path -- NOT in Whole project
UsabilityIDEA-61493Find Usages: Separate "Use soft wraps" option for the preview panel
ExceptionIDEA-149100Crash with ConcurrentModificationException
HTMLBugIDEA-157251Wrong autocomplete for opening tags
IndicesBugIDEA-159135"Nested different indices processing may cause deadlock" Errormessage
BugIDEA-160928Unable to open Java file in node_modules
BugIDEA-161307ShutDownTracker#ensureStopperThreadsFinished deadlock
BugIDEA-156411UI lockup on updating indices
BugIDEA-158330Illegal Generic Signature in class file causes OutOfMemoryError
BugIDEA-156849Modal indexing
PerformanceIDEA-158106FileContentQueue leaked after indexing and closing all projects
JavaScriptPerformanceIDEA-158107JsonSchemaFileTypeManager leaks project after closing
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-160738Update and restart fails after patch is applied with "Patch update is not supported"
BugIDEA-156741Standalone version of external make fails to build project if runned with Java 9
BugIDEA-120713updater.jar makes incorrect patches on Linux
BugIDEA-161223Patch is not applied (Linux, macOS)
BugIDEA-157589Can't start idea: tools.jar not found
BugIDEA-159134JARs required for osmorc plugin are missing from standalone JPS distribution
BugIDEA-158516idea.bat is using %BITS% for USER_JDK_FILE before it's initialized
BugIDEA-156503Can't update PhpStorm
BugIDEA-151793IDEA failed to restart after plugins activation
BugIDEA-161265Cannot start IDEA using ./ command from bin directory under Linux
BugIDEA-157339162.188.8 doesn't find JVM, won't launch
BugIDEA-159702A typo in Linux install instruction
BugIDEA-161183Update and Restart still fails in the latest EAP
BugIDEA-157601Can't start idea: no JDK found
BugIDEA-155904On Linux Mint (Ubuntu), the updater does not update the version, but also throws no exceptions
BugIDEA-160933IntelliJ community build broken - Could not find matching constructor for:
BugIDEA-161180Installation update: "background task running" dialog; patch is not applied if restart is postponed
UsabilityIDEA-160700Allow users to update via patch even if restarting isn't supported
UsabilityIDEA-161386Disable warnings in terminal
TaskIDEA-161255Update Community edition icons
ExceptionIDEA-159824Restart failed with exception
ExceptionIDEA-161186Cannot update EAP (from 163.3983.4 to 163.4396.1): IOException "Restart is not supported."
Settings RepositoryBugIDEA-159397Error while uploading settings to repository
BugIDEA-141891Custom keymaps not getting cloned/merged
BugIDEA-160367Settings Repository: login dialog should get focus when appears
BugIDEA-160565Do not accept your login and password by Atlassian for
Task ManagementBugIDEA-130279sporadically missing actions/buttons in "Time Tracking" tool window
BugIDEA-160379"Share URL" functionality of task repositories has stopped working
BugIDEA-136797GitHub integration ignores 'no proxy for' setting
UsabilityIDEA-146465Task management: "Update issue state" is On by default and selected state is not current
TerminalBugIDEA-114126terminal tab launches a login shell
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-117223Custom background image/colour for each project
FeatureIDEA-119826Do not require confirmation each time I open an IPR file
FeatureIDEA-160391Add "copy relative path" or make "copy path" configureable
BugIDEA-156195Improve ImageComponent quality and performance
BugIDEA-161519java.lang.IllegalStateException: The DialogWrapper can only be used in event dispatch thread.
BugIDEA-156745Control mouse wheel shortcut works together with scrolling
BugIDEA-159426Mac Native File Chooser allows to select a file, but not a home directory
BugIDEA-144699"Annotate" action from action popup does not redraw toggle when processed
BugIDEA-161665LayeredIcon offsets are not scaled on hidpi
BugIDEA-157041New notifications: link click area not working
BugIDEA-157049Show quickdoc on mouseover is not working when there is some additional notification
BugIDEA-157553Welcome Screen: attempt to observe events produce no viewable results
BugIDEA-157555Modal dialogs are shown twice
BugIDEA-158831Font in SQL query results are horrible
BugIDEA-152741Horizontal scrolling is too aggressive in "wide" files
BugIDEA-158717Notification link cannot be clicked
BugIDEA-159947Mac Native File Chooser: selection validation sheet messages appear from main IDEA window in cases when they should appear from dialogs
BugIDEA-157050Disable quick doc for javadoc block tags
BugIDEA-161504HiDPI Linux: Plugins repository: wrong icon rendering
BugIDEA-157790Background image: Java Enterprise toolwindow still has some tabs empty
BugIDEA-159671Mac Native File Chooser: after opening file chooser from main IDEA frame, Main Menu become inactive
BugIDEA-138256High DPI monitor issue: New repository location dialog for SVN is cut off
BugIDEA-156648Tree view is compacted in 2016.2 EAP
BugIDEA-158653Stdout horizontal scrollbar integer overflow
BugIDEA-156312The window title for downloading plugins should be a system state, not a user prompt.
BugIDEA-158318File selector in 'Version Control' -> 'History' doesn't work if window was hidden
BugIDEA-159856Colors & Fonts > Import button is present in IDEA-based IDEs and does nothing
BugIDEA-157342Gutter margin's width is not reduced after zoom out
BugIDEA-159621MacPathChooserDialog does not find proper owner if IdeFrame.Child is the active window
BugIDEA-154724Code lens (Scroll Preview) is buggy if there are no ToolWindow on the left edge
BugIDEA-157597Background image: when nothing is selected in the LocalChanges, the PreviewDiff pane doesn't get applied background
BugIDEA-158040Recent Files: include current file when one starts to type a filter
BugIDEA-157035Editor in separate window does not adopt background image
BugIDEA-148877Ctrl + Button3 not captured
BugIDEA-145568Import Project non-native file chooser on MacOS
BugIDEA-148656Should not add .txt extension to a file without extension after copying
BugIDEA-159886Switch IDE Boot JDK dialog: selecting a JDK with file chooser adds a new value to Boot JDK combobox, but doesn't set the selected value
BugIDEA-160800Decompiler progress shown under AWT lock leads to deadlock
BugIDEA-158913Quick definition popup does not have focus
BugIDEA-161330Scheme drop-down becomes empty on deleting
BugIDEA-157311Custom font line spacing won't go under 1.2
BugIDEA-161524HiDPI Linux: Project Settings - Module - Dependencies - columns are too small
BugIDEA-141952Reopen Project (ListPopup) does not show the first underscore
BugIDEA-158759'Run' toolwindow in 'Windowed mode' isn't activated when a new run configuration is started
BugIDEA-159508Mac native dialogs: problems when opening native file chooser with some IDEA dialogs opened at the same time
BugIDEA-159500Mac Native File Chooser appears from wrong parent window in some cases
BugIDEA-160588Transaction assertion from Swing lightweight request processing
BugIDEA-150336Preview 'Find in Path' effect of enter not intuitive
BugIDEA-151422Copy doesn't work in inspections settings
BugIDEA-145132Esc while editing push target closes the push dialog
BugIDEA-156959Scrollbar in Log is not visible when scrolling
BugIDEA-159498horizontal scrollbar disappearing or not shown in editor
BugIDEA-159556Editing live templates enables "use static import if possible" option for all java templates
BugIDEA-130506Hotkey for Scroll from source
BugIDEA-158014Incorrect scrolling in editor text field of small height
BugIDEA-157591Background image: ApplicationServers toolwindow doesn't get the applied background
PerformanceIDEA-156869HintManagerImpl#myLastEditor leaks project
PerformanceIDEA-156871Project leaked via BalloonLayout
PerformanceIDEA-154560Find Action should populate the results in background
UsabilityIDEA-93637Hide cursor while typing
UsabilityIDEA-159895Scrolling in options of 'Unused declaration' inspection is unusual slow
UsabilityIDEA-157246Background image: improve UX of removing the background
UsabilityIDEA-156388inspections toolwindow: exclude doesn't restore selection
UsabilityIDEA-102869Automatically create a copy of default scheme for chaging
UsabilityIDEA-25635Change display behavior during background indexing: disable/remove content of tool windows instead of hiding windows
CosmeticsIDEA-158749Background image not shown if no editor window is open & in Maven diagram
CosmeticsIDEA-158541Changed font in plugins dialog
CosmeticsIDEA-157466Background Image: some toolwindows don't get the set background when the tab displays 'nothing selected'
TaskIDEA-160777Incorrect background in lists with new scrollbars
ExceptionIDEA-159878Mac Native File Chooser: AE at SwitchBootJdkAction$SwitchBootJdkDialog$2$1.validateSelectedFiles
ExceptionIDEA-161318"Write access is allowed from write-safe contexts only" when quickly switching pin mode of QuickDoc
ExceptionIDEA-159369Mac Native File Chooser doesn't open on pressing Browse [...] button; IAE at MacPathChooserDialog.findOwnerByComponent
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-68200New feature: binary patches (changeset context menu)
FeatureIDEA-157911Drag'n drop to shelve
FeatureIDEA-156250Show files scope background color in the commit dialog
BugIDEA-160488Memory leak detected: 'com.intellij.openapi.vcs.history.FileHistoryPanelImpl
BugIDEA-127833Non-project file writing access could be bypassed by some VCS actions
BugIDEA-90228Binary files should be included into patches creates by IDEA
BugIDEA-160135Patch application failed
BugIDEA-160353Deadlock on applying patch using drag-n-drop
BugIDEA-154192Unshelve Changes behaviour
BugIDEA-153272Files are lost during the movement of unversioned files to overwrite existing files with same names
BugIDEA-161662VersionControl toolwindow should not be available for project with no VCS enabled
BugIDEA-157336IntelliJ Locks on "Shelve Changes" at the "Synchronizing files..." step
BugIDEA-160151Version Control: deleting files in Unversioned files dialog spawns separate background process for each file
BugIDEA-153943Cannot checkout a project from GitHub on Idea start screen
BugIDEA-158554Unversioned file is moved to wrong change list
BugIDEA-161753Adding VCS root to a project which didn't have any doesn't make the VCS toolwindow to appear
BugIDEA-161752VCS toolwindow is not available if the project has <Project> mapping
BugIDEA-157159Update Github icon in retina quality
BugIDEA-112589Unexpected clipboard content after Ctrl+C on shelf's files list
BugIDEA-158750"Apply Patch" adds spurious newline at the end of file
BugIDEA-158157Vcs Log: some nodes in tree are not selectable during speedsearch
PerformanceIDEA-145318IDEA becomes slow with many files in the Local Changes
PerformanceIDEA-158252IDE completely freezed after indices failure
PerformanceIDEA-149091Editing is slow because of Local Changes view UI refresh
PerformanceIDEA-156615Changes view painting takes significant time when an expanded changelist contains 22K files
PerformanceIDEA-160152Version Control: removing files from Unversioned Files dialog takes 3 times slower than removing them in Project View
UsabilityIDEA-102021Shelved changes disappear
UsabilityIDEA-150818It's hard to move changes to existing changelist using keyboard
UsabilityIDEA-158645Excluded directories are scanned for VCS roots
UsabilityIDEA-149027Not able to clone Repository into existing empty folder
UsabilityIDEA-80668Move changes to Active Changelist - usability
UsabilityIDEA-68645When I create a patch, binary files should not be shown in the tree, since they could not be included in the path anyway.
UsabilityIDEA-141802Git Show history blinks in case of refresh or close/open tab
UsabilityIDEA-153163unshelve dialog: no radio buttons please
UsabilityIDEA-146640If Commit dialog is invoked when index is not built yet it suggests to wait to make code analysis available forever
UsabilityIDEA-155714Clone Repository - User has a Hard Stop if Directory exists, even after deleting Directory
UsabilityIDEA-159844delete of unversioned files blocks everything and cannot be cancelled
CosmeticsIDEA-155713Error message refers to a "Directory" and "Path" in the same context.
CosmeticsIDEA-156342Commit popup: inconsistent triangle usage (browser vs Details)
CosmeticsIDEA-158896Move Changes to Active Changelist window does not have a vertical scrollbar
CosmeticsIDEA-159931No mnemonics for Encoding combo in Create patch dialog
Version Control. GitFeatureIDEA-87099Provide ability to add remote repositories to local git repository
FeatureIDEA-128727Git log: provide "Undo Commit" action to the head commits of the log which would perform git reset --soft HEAD~n
FeatureIDEA-76454Ability to change URL of git repository
FeatureIDEA-60389Need GUI to configure remote repository and branch
FeatureIDEA-65721Git sign-off
FeatureIDEA-130541Offer to delete remote branch when deleted a local branch which tracks a remote one
BugIDEA-152968Git. IDEA silently removes newlines in commit message in file history
BugIDEA-159580GIT project update hangs
BugIDEA-161352Link in detached HEAD warning is unclickable
BugIDEA-105128Git pull dialog message for upstream branch recommends deprecated feature
BugIDEA-135207Github: login failure while trying to use token authentication with http proxy enabled
BugIDEA-148275Git amend returns an error if there is repository with no commits
BugIDEA-159948Git: can't pull branch with name too long
BugIDEA-159283Unversioned files dialog is not refreshed after changes made from this dialog
BugIDEA-161332Description of "Checkout with Rebase" action is misleading
BugIDEA-160606"undo commit" action incorrectly revert addition under vcs
BugIDEA-146022Amend commit: Couldn't load commit message of the commit to amend if there are both Git and Mercurial repositories in the project
UsabilityIDEA-160000Keep second line empty in commit messages on git cherry-pick
UsabilityIDEA-86712Error message not descriptive "Repository test has failed"
UsabilityIDEA-153297Allow to force delete Git branch without collecting the list of unmerged commits
UsabilityIDEA-118140Don't add renamed or moved files to git index unless configured to do so
UsabilityIDEA-135612Git clone dialog: "The parent path must exist" should be a warning
UsabilityIDEA-135353Github: GenerateToken action should be available in login dialog
UsabilityIDEA-151728Provide confirmation for git branch delete operation
Version Control. LogFeatureIDEA-86855Git Log: provide "Create Mail" functionality
BugIDEA-159468NPE in VCS Log renderer leads to UI corruption
BugIDEA-158666Cannot copy text from Details of Git "Show History"
BugIDEA-157907user filter shows no changes after scrolling down
UsabilityIDEA-159965Author email information is missing from GIT commit details
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-158778Switching Tasks fails to switch branch
BugIDEA-159828Mercurial: entered password is not saved between idea sessions despite the settings
BugIDEA-159546Problem with pull\push operation on hg
BugIDEA-157578Mercurial Commit and Close (spelling error)
BugIDEA-157085Mercurial: change even one line forces to mark all content fo file as new, until force refresh in "Version Control" tab
ExceptionIDEA-159729CME at java.util.HashMap$HashIterator.nextNode
ExceptionIDEA-159723SOE on UpdateProject invocation
Version Control. PerforceBugIDEA-158329In the editor and submit to perforce the current code is shown with highlight not to the last revision
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-92665Create SVN patch for a revisions containing binary files
BugIDEA-160693Active windows could be not showing
CosmeticsIDEA-115024Grammar error in SVN error message