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Similarly, after the build finishes, files found under the artifact output folder specified by the codepipeline.artifact.output.folder configuration parameter (which is by default) are uploaded to the S3. Each artifact must be placed in a <pipeline_name>/<artifact_name> folder, e.g. to publish some as an artifact named MyAppBuild for pipeline TestPipeline, place it to %codepipeline.artifact.output.folder%/TestPipeline/MyAppBuild/ You can achieve this, for example, by adding a Command line build step to your build which runs

cp <output_file_name> %codepipeline.artifact.output.folder%/<pipeline_name>/<artifact_name>/<output_file_name>.

Trigger poll interval

By default TeamCity build triggers are polled every 20 seconds. To change this period for the AWS CodePipeline Action build trigger you may specify codepipeline.poll.interval configuration parameter.