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The NuGet trigger and the NuGet-related build runners require the NuGet command line binary configured on the server. They are automatically distributed to agents once configured.

To do it in install NuGet.exe on TeamCity:

  1. Go to the Administration | NuGet Settings | NuGet.exe tab.
  2. Click Fetch NuGet.
  3. In Add NuGet, select which NuGet versions you want to be installed on Tools tab.
  4. Click Install tool and select NuGet.exe.
  5. Select whether you want to download (default) NuGet from the public feed or upload your own NuGet package containing NuGet.exe.

    a) If the Download radio button is chosen, select the NuGet version to install on all build agents.


    It is recommended to use the release versions of NuGet.

  6. Select the default version.

You can also upload your own NuGet package containing NuGet.exe instead of downloading it from the public feed using Upload NuGet.

  1. b) If the Upload radio button is selected, choose your own NuGet package.
    Specify whether this NuGet version will be default using the related check-box. 

  2. Click Add to install the selected NuGet version.



Installing NuGet on agents results in agents upgrade.


To start using TeamCity as a NuGet Server, click Enable on the go to the Administration | NuGet Settings | NuGet Server page Feed page (available to server system administrators), and click Enable. Two different links will be displayed on the page: for public (with guestAuth prefix) and private (with httpAuth prefix) feed. If Public Url is not available, you need to enable the Guest user login in TeamCity on the Administration | Global Settings page.