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Under the http://teamcity:8111/app/rest/ or http://teamcity:8111/app/rest/latest URL the latest version is available.
Under the http://teamcity:8111/app/rest/<version> URL, the current version is available and earlier versions CAN be available. Our general policy is to supply TeamCity with at least ONE one previous version.
In TeamCity 910.0.x you for <version> you can use "8.10.0" for the current and "9.1" or , "79.0" instead of <version> , "8.1" to get earlier versions of the protocol. Protocol version corresponds to the TeamCity version where it was first introduced.

Breaking changes in the API are described in the related Upgrade Notes section.
Please note that additions to the objects returned (such as new XML attributes or elements) are not considered major changes and do not cause the protocol version to increment.
Also, the endpoints marked with "Experimental" comment in application.wadl may change without a special notice in future versions.