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CMD/CTRL and clicking the string takes us straight to the `token` static method of the `JHtmlForm` class just as we would expect. Of course, the `JHtml` class comes with full code completion and type hinting like all classes do in PhpStorm.

You will also find all the handy completion and hinting features with work with Joomla! classes.

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JText::_($argument) support

Similarly to the JHtml support, PhpStorm now also supports the static methods of the `JText` class. Text allows you to handle translations from definitions (typically in .ini files) and output the translation in the correct place. When you use the `_` or `sprintf` or 'script' methods of `JText` and pass in a valid string with a key name, PhpStorm will allow you to use Brief Info and navigate to the definition (using CMD/CTRL and click) to be taking directly to the ini file that defined that key. 

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Data source detection


You can see that Joomla! adds a prefix to the database tables (which is generated or configured during the installation wizard), and this can make writing queries in the query editor (part of the database tool) quite painful. 

More coming soon.

SQL Dialect for project is equal to Database. 

#__ is translated on fly to value of variable $dbprefix = 'jos_' in configuration.php. 

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