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You can setup auto-update of Scala plugin EAP builds in IntelliJ IDEA.
Simply select desired update channel from a drop-down menu at "Updates" tab in Scala plugin settings page.


Build 2016.2.0

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89 Fixed issues
89 Fixed issues
Wiki Markup

* [SCL-8858|] Usage of none monospace font in error message.
* [SCL-9868|] "Move statements right and left" for Scala too (not just java/html)
* [SCL-9861|] Inspection: unnecessary partial function definition
* [SCL-10233|] When selecting menu option "Build/Rebuild Project", compilation aborts with error "Error:scalac: Error: org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.scala.remote.ServerException"
* [SCL-10036|] Breakpoints not working in scala async blocks in Scala 2.10
* [SCL-10039|] Setting Scala compiler incrementality type to SBT breaks Java projects
* [SCL-9372|] Code with eq is missing parenthesis
* [SCL-9473|] Methods on a method argument are not found any longer if argument type contains refinement
* [SCL-10240|] Super Method tool doesn't work with overridden methods of self references
* [SCL-7503|] Good code is red: Incorrect error highlighting with setter in backticks
* [SCL-9871|] good code red: package spope method not found when escaped keyword in package name
* [SCL-10405|] no error highlighting for members with same backticked name
* [SCL-9977|] ui lockup in very small file
* [SCL-10042|] 'Type annotation required' inspection marks constructor as missing return type annotation
* [SCL-5728|] good code red: infix expression with several underscore arguments and expected type
* [SCL-7582|] default argument functions for constructor do not resolve in java
* [SCL-10287|] Wrong RedundantNewCaseClass intention invokation in case of companion object with defined apply method
* [SCL-10286|] Import all members intention doesn't work for member with the same name as package name
* [SCL-10285|] Duplication in description of RedundantNewCaseClass inspection and incorrect intension_action message
* [SCL-10289|] Wrong RedundantNewCaseClass inspection call in case of apply with implicit parameter
* [SCL-10326|] NPE in IDEA after Optimize Import of akka-actor
* [SCL-10101|] Scala syntax doesn't catch tuple pattern matching error
* [SCL-10293|] New intention to regenerate type annotation for var/val/def
* [SCL-10351|] Inspection: convert null initializer to _
* [SCL-9942|] Wrong error highlighting because of object rename
* [SCL-9916|] Inspection pass never completes for the specific file
* [SCL-8861|] Extending akka testkit gives an error
* [SCL-6619|] case classes without parameters are removed from Scala 2.11
* [SCL-9029|] Good code red: Polymorphic Signatures (MethodHandle.{invoke,invokeExact})
* [SCL-9938|] Remove error highlighting from type element in case of type mismatch
* [SCL-10165|] packages with backticked names are highlighted as errors
* [SCL-10245|] Scala Compile Server idle timeout won't stick
* [SCL-10371|] "Useless expression" inspection doesn't account for class initialization
* [SCL-10374|] Support for SAM in Scala 2.12-M4
* [SCL-7089|] Value tooltip does not show up when debugging Scala
* [SCL-9682|] "anonymous function can be turned into a method value" is overeager
* [SCL-10311|] false "Wrong number of arguments for extractor" highlighting
* [SCL-9844|] Inspection: redundant `new` keyword in case class instantiation
* [SCL-7069|] Parse error for Map[String,Any]
* [SCL-10253|] incorrect error highlighting: too many argument for apply
* [SCL-9840|] Collection inspection: convert map.get(k).get to map(k)
* [SCL-9841|] Collection inspection: convert map.find(_ == k).map(_._2) to map(k)
* [SCL-9922|] Typo in ""Pattern may never match"
* [SCL-10301|] can't evaluate method call work if qualifier has a same name as implicitly imported package
* [SCL-10306|] wrong type inference for argument patterns if extractor has implicit parameter
* [SCL-9668|] Pattern match should be highlighted yellow
* [SCL-10027|] Good code red: error highlight in case class copy caused by existence of same-named, but unrelated method
* [SCL-9915|] Scala Single Abstract Method (SAM) with by-name argument compilation error: identifier expected but '=>' found.
* [SCL-9116|] Option.contains inspection is invalid on Scala 2.10 but still suggested
* [SCL-8759|] Good code red: Calling overloaded Java generics method
* [SCL-9578|] No error when var implements val
* [SCL-8823|] PartialFunction0 that 'returns' Unit incorrect red highlight
* [SCL-9760|] Don't suggest length-related collection inspections for Array
* [SCL-9161|] The verb  "re-format" should be written without a hyphen
* [SCL-9898|] Suggest types based on variable name
* [SCL-10103|] Breakpoints in trait methods don't work since Scala uses default methods at the bytecode level
* [SCL-10105|] Freeze on importing SBT Project
* [SCL-8947|] Create New Scala Class - wrong error "This is not a valid Scala qualified name"
* [SCL-6729|] Good code red: override member with an object
* [SCL-10295|] Overload resolution problem
* [SCL-10161|] Cannot close project because of blocked thread
* [SCL-10244|] Imported library classes are parsed incorrectly which lead to weird import errors
* [SCL-9619|] Type mismatch error for java annotation with element called 'lazy'
* [SCL-7475|] Good code is red: Shapless @@
* [SCL-7471|] Named argument with type _* is highlighted for repeated parameter
* [SCL-10257|] Ability to specify working directory for SBT task run configuration
* [SCL-9456|] Scala return type error highlighting confusing in a try/catch block
* [SCL-9975|] Additional compiler options change takes effect only after rebooting compile server twice
* [SCL-9832|] Do not warn about empty-parens for getters in ScalaJS facades
* [SCL-2022|] Autocompletion: suggest nearby references first
* [SCL-6617|] Feature request: sort completions by scope
* [SCL-10071|] Deadlock
* [SCL-4988|] Parameter Info stops working with functions when using import renames
* [SCL-8792|] Infix notation for a tail recursive call wrongly highlighted as an error
* [SCL-8119|] Scala: Breeze operations return 'Nothing' in editor, while compilation works fine.
* [SCL-9395|] Scala Console run config broken IDEA 15.0 -  java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: @vm_params
* [SCL-8408|] Weird priorities in the autocompletion cause great pain with quick typing
* [SCL-9920|] Erroneous pattern matching warning
* [SCL-9514|] Move a class with companion object causes "File already exists problem"
* [SCL-3490|] override def autocomplete
* [SCL-5772|] Formatting for the @ identifier
* [SCL-10232|] Good code is red
* [SCL-5852|] Java editor misbehaves when implementing a Scala Trait with type parameters in a Java class
* [SCL-4968|] Highlighting error: Timeout(5 seconds)
* [SCL-3781|] Bad code is green: parameterized class without type arguments
* [SCL-5456|] Refactoring a Scala file with class and companion object fails
* [SCL-9306|] Good code red: implicitly conversions from functions to functions
* [SCL-10006|] Incorrect type inference
* [SCL-10091|] `scala.Dynamic` not recognized as custom string interpolator

Build 3.0.8

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