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titleIDEA 7 vs. IDEA 8

Some features may be available in IDEA 8 ("Diana") EAP only, please see Struts2PluginChangeNotes for more information.


All plugin configuration settings are bundled in a dedicated facet. Simply attach a new Struts 2-facet to any an existing moduleWeb-facet, create a fileset and add your struts.xml files from all auto-scanned configuration files in your project and the plugin is ready to work:


Add a blank ready-to-start Struts 2 application template by simply selecting Struts 2 from the list of available frameworks to add to your newly created projecttechnologies. A S2-facet with default fileset and an empty struts.xml-file already mapped in web.xml will be created automatically, all necessary libraries will be setup as well.



(minus) Various inspections for common configuration errors

Highlight common configuration errors or possible problems on-the-fly.

(tick) Structure View

Visually groups all relevant info with Autoscroll from/to source you're used from IDEA:

(minus) Web Flow diagram

Graph of all relevant S2 elements.


(minus) Navigation to/from corresponding Action-class


(question) Support for sitemesh.xml


This should possibly become a plugin of its ownSeparate plugin.

(minus) Basic syntax highlighting support