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will tell TeamCity to publish all files except for folder1 into the target_directory. 



bound Agent Management Permissions

It is a pretty common case when Project administrators require permissions to manage their agent pools. Usually project administrators need to perform the following tasks with their pools:


Before this EAP, if system administrator wanted to give Enable / disable agents permission to project administrator, he could do that globally only, after . After that project administrator would be able to enable / disable all of the agents in on TeamCity server.

Now Project Administrators can be given Enable / disable agents associated with project permission in some project only. After that only agents belonging to pools with this project only can be enabled / disabled by this project administrator.

The same applies to other agent related permissions which can be bound to projects.


Flaky Test Detection

TeamCity now supports flaky test detection. A flaky test is a test that is unstable (can exhibit both a passing and a failing result) with the same code.

Flaky test detection is based on the following heuristics: