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Table of Contents

Enabling Joomla! Integration in an Existing PhpStorm Project


When you open an existing Joomla! Project in PhpStorm then PhpStorm should detect the fact that you're working on a Joomla! application, and ask you to enable the Joomla! integrations.

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When we click on Enable, PhpStorm will ask us to browse to the location that the Joomla! codebase is installed, in my case, it was the root of the project I'm working on. It's also worth clicking on the second prompt that asks you if you want to detect the namespace roots; this saves us having to configure the paths for the project manually. If you don't get prompted by the Joomla! Support prompt, you can enable Joomla! support manually by opening the preference pane, and navigating to Languages & Frameworks then PHP and Joomla! Support. 

Once we've enabled the Joomla! support, PhpStorm then asks if we would like to enable the Joomla code styles and if we would like to enable the Joomla! docblock templates. Joomla! has its own rigorous code style and docblocks, so enabling these is always a good idea; we'll learn more about these later.

Creating a New Joomla



Development Environment Configuration

Joomla! Include Paths

Joomla! Coding Standard (Code Style)