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PhpStorm EAP 162.917 Release Notes

PHP debugFeatureWI-28571Load XDebug extension on demand for CLI debug configurations
UsabilityWI-27741Run PHPinfo with configuration options of selected PHP interpreter
UsabilityWI-18933Dropdown menu "Absolute path on server" in Settings/PHP/Servers is unreadable when selected
PHP langFeatureWI-30762Support PHP 7.1 class constant visibility modifiers
FeatureWI-32002PHP 7.1 will have support for null return types and nullable arguments
FeatureWI-15958Type inference: extend type inference of already inferred variables
PHP templatesBugWI-31970Blade syntax highlighting is not visible in Settings preview
PHP testBugWI-32121PHPUnit version is not detected correctly for remote interpreters
PS specificFeatureWI-31621Integrate template projects into PhpStorm
UsabilityWI-32048Template project: reuse Line Separator from Default settings
No subsystemBugIDEA-157371Error updating com.intellij.openapi.editor.ex.util.LexerEditorHighlighter
Code NavigationBugIDEA-156984Deadlock in inheritor search
Compiling ProjectBugIDEA-157216External build may fail with 'Unable to create temporary file'
Editor. Editing TextPerformanceIDEA-157087Issue with Xml with Ligature
UsabilityIDEA-156758Disable non project files writing protection, when file is opened explicitly
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-157351Replace in Path: When next file is opening, code editor is blank (hangs) with "Loading" spinner
BugIDEA-156921Find In Path toolwindow - focus is stolen by "Preview Occurrences" editor
UsabilityIDEA-61493Find Usages: Separate "Use soft wraps" option for the preview panel
User InterfaceFeatureIDEA-117223Custom background image/colour for each project
BugIDEA-157035Editor in separate window does not adopt background image
UsabilityIDEA-157246Background image: improve UX of removing the background
Version Control. MercurialBugIDEA-157085Mercurial: change even one line forces to mark all content fo file as new, until force refresh in "Version Control" tab
JavaScriptBugWEB-14576Ignore React JS Lifecycle components/properties in JSX files
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-21972Indentation problems with JavaScript
TypeScriptFeatureWEB-8658That TypeScript .d.ts files were folded like .js and below .ts files in the Project view
BugWEB-21755Re-exported type is not resolved