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TFS work items support can be configured on the Issue trackers page for a project. If a projects has a TFVC root configured, TeamCity will suggest configuring the issue tracker as well.
By default, the integration works the same way as the others (you need to mention the work item ID in the comment message, so the work items can be linked to builds and the links are displayed in various places in the TeamCity Web UI).

Additionally, if your check-in changeset has a related work itemitems,TeamCity can retrieve information about it them even if no comment is added to the check-inchangeset. Besides, custom states for resolved work items are supported by TeamCity.


  • Related issues linked to TFVC changesets, i.e. commits, can be fetched by setting the teamcity.tfs.workItems.useChangeSets=true internal property.
  • TFS work items workflow can be customized. To to display custom resolved states in TeamCity, use teamcity.tfs.workItems.resolvedStates internal property, which set to "Closed?|Done|Fixed|Resolved?|Removed?" by default.