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Team Foundation Work Items Tracking

Since TeamCity 10, Team Foundation Work Items tracking is integrated with TeamCity. Supported versions are Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010-2015, and
Visual Studio online.

TFS work items support can be configured on the Issue trackers page for a project. If a projects has a TFVC root configured, TeamCity will suggest configuring the issue tracker as well.

Additional options can be enabled via TeamCity internal properties:

  • TFS work items workflow can be customized. To to display custom resolved states in TeamCity, use teamcity.tfs.workItems.resolvedStates internal property, set to "Closed?|Done|Fixed|Resolved?|Removed?" by default.
  • Related issues linked to TFVC changesets, i.e. commits, can be fetched by setting the teamcity.tfs.workItems.useChangeSets=true internal property.

Cloud support

Custom names for VMWare vSphere agent images