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DSL for TeamCity project configuration

Up until this EAP there were three options to configure project settings in TeamCity: the straightforward way was via the web UI, and the other two were using the REST API or via XML files if the versioned settings feature is enabled.


There is also the extId field which is mandatory. The extId is the same as build configuration (or template) ID / vcs root ID, project ID in the web UI. It can be changed at any time. But be aware that some settings use it, for instance the extId can appear in dep. parameter references. If you change the extId, you should find all its occurrences in the current project and change them too.

Smart checking for changes interval

Traditionally TeamCity uses polling for detecting changes in VCS repositories. Polling is a highly reliable approach suitable in the majority of cases. Even if the TeamCity server was stopped for a while, with polling it can easily pickup all the changes made in repositories on the next startup.


Please refer to our documentation on commit hooks configuration in various VCS repositories. 

Project Configuration Export  

It is now possible to export configuration files for a project with its children as a zip archive to move it to a different TeamCity server. The Project Settings | Settings Export page allows exporting the config files for a project and its subprojects, as well as external dependencies, i.e. build configurations used in snapshot dependencies, templates used as well as vcs roots and all main settings (ssh keys, issue trackers, oauth connections etc...) defined in the parent project.  

The settings archive also contains a report.log file detailing the reasons for exporting external entities.

VCS hosting integrations

Support for Perforce Jobs

If you use Perforce jobs to label your commits,  the changes associated with jobs are now marked with a "wrench"  icon   in the TeamCity UI. Navigating to the icon opens a pop-up with the job information:


Refreshed icons in web UI 

Web UI icons have got a refresh in this EAP build. Build status icons, icons for projects and build configurations, icons for investigations have been changed to a more modern look. Some light facelifting have been done to parts of web UI.

Agent limit in pools

It is now possible to set a maximum number of agents in a pool: if the maximum number of agents is reached, TeamСity will not allow adding any new agents to this pool. This includes moving agents from other pools and automatic authorization of cloud agents. New cloud agents will not start if the target pool is full. The limit is not applicable for the Default Pool.

The feature can be useful for those who maintain a pool of agents per project and want to prevent projects from using all of the available agent licenses.

Cloud support

  • It is now possible to run a custom script on the launch of an Amazon EC2 instance  (applicable to instances cloned from AMI's only).  The Amazon website details the script format for Linux and Windows.
  • Unique hostnames for Windows vSphere cloud agents on  can be specified now: when adding an image, choose a customization spec in the corresponding field. The option is available for Linux VMs as well.

REST API enhancements

With the latest REST API version it is now possible to:

  • list the agents compatible with a build configuration and filter agents by compatible build configurations. This does not include cloud agents, not yet exposed via REST.
  • get the projects and build configurations as well as their order on the Overview page as configured by the specified user
  • disable/enable artifact dependencies and agent requirements
  • get the build's test occurrences in the order they were run in the build
  • get all runs (the number of test invocations) for a test
  • get test mutes affecting a specific build configuration

Bundled Tools updates

  • the bundled Ant is updated to 1.9.7
  • the bundled dotCover is updated to 2016.1

Other Improvements

  • in case of exit code problem, TeamCity now tries to locate relevant part of a build log and show it right on build results page

  • performance of the project and build configuration settings editing has been greatly improved especially for large installations with thousands of projects

  • you can now redefine inherited artifact dependencies  in build configurations, the same as agent requirements and other settings 

  • a new option of the Free Disk Space build feature allows you to fail a build if sufficient disk space cannot be freed for the build
  • it is possible to make parameter read only via parameter specification, such a parameter can not be changed via custom build dialog
  • fixed issues