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  1. On the Administration > Projects page, select the desired project in the list. (Alternatively, open the project using the Projects popup, and click the Edit Project Settings link on the right).  The Project Settings page opens.

  2.  On the Project Settings page, Build Configurations section, click Create build configuration from URL.

  3. Specify a VCS repository URL and, if authentication is required, VCS credentials. click Create.

  4. TeamCity will suggest the build configuration name and will configure the rest of settings for you.

    • it will determine the type of the VCS repository and create a VCS root. 
    • TeamCity will attempt to auto-detect build steps: Ant, NAnt, Gradle, Maven, MSBuild, Visual Studio solution files, PowerShell, Xcode project files, Rake, and IntelliJ IDEA projects. If none found, you will have to configure build steps manually.
    • Next, TeamCity UI will display suggestion icons with prompts to create build triggersfailure conditions and build features. Depending on the build configuration settings, it may suggest some additional configuration options.
  5. After the build configuration is created, you can run a build and/or tweak the settings.