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  • Debugger
    • (green star)Issues with GDB (timeouts, performance, other issues)
    • (green star)Remote debug
  • Project model (CMake)
    • Ability to watch command output during CMake execution
    • Ability to specify the build/generation output directory
    • Support for add_custom_target command
    • (green star)CMake refactorings
  • Performance
    • (green star)C++ code insight performance improvements
    • Formatter performance improvements
  • Doxygen
    We’ll see what we are able to finish before 2016.2 release, while in general we plan to support:
    • (green star)Doxygen comments highlighting
    • (green star)Integration with quick documentation pop-up (documentation preview)
    • (green star)Auto-completion for tags and names
    • (green star)Navigation to code symbols
    • (green star)Rename refactoring

    Other refactorings like Change Signature with Doxygen comments update, code generation and ((green star)) and inspections may also be implemented.