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  • JetBrains Upsource
  • GitHub (the build statuses for pull requests are supported as well)
  • GitLab

    titleCommit Status Publisher settings for GItLab publisher

    If you use a recent version of GitLab (>= 9.0), it is recommended to use the GitLab URL of the following format: http[s]://<hostname>[:<port>]/api/v4 as GitLab will stop supporting the v3 API in GitLab 11. If you have /api/v3 in your current TeamCity configurations, they may stop working with GitLab 11+, so consider changing the server URL to api/v4.

    For older versions of GitLab, use the GitLab URL of the format http[s]://<hostname>[:<port>]/api/v3.
  • TFS/VSTS-hosted Git (since TeamCity 2017.2)


    Personal Access Tokens can be used for authentication. If a VSTS connection is configured, the personal access token can be automatically filled from the project connection.


  • Atlassian Bitbucket Server (formerly Stash) and Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud


    Make sure that the TeamCity server URL is FQDN, e.g. http://myteamcity.domain.com:8111. Short names, e.g. http://myteamcity:8111 are rejected by the Bitbucket API.


    For Bitbucket Cloud team accounts, it is possible to use the team name as the username, and the API key as the password.

  • Gerrit Code Review tool.