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Build 2.2.2

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59 Fixed issues
59 Fixed issues
  • SCL-9865 Injection API - It's impossible to extend annotated class type
  • SCL-9922 Typo in ""Pattern may never match"
  • SCL-9716 Inspection: redundant `val` modifier in case class
  • SCL-9820 Incorrect inspection "Anonymous function convertible to a method value"
  • SCL-9774 Wrong warning "Field in DelayedInit is likely to be null" for lazy vals
  • SCL-9717 IntelliJ code inspector not using ScalaStyle latest version?
  • SCL-9434 Arrays are translated to incorrect, uncompilable code
  • SCL-7582 default argument functions for constructor do not resolve in java
  • SCL-9261 Good code is red: Slick
  • SCL-9473 Methods on a method argument are not found any longer if argument type contains refinement
  • SCL-8861 Extending akka testkit gives an error
  • SCL-9475 error opening sbt project spoiwo: ;' expected but 'lazy' found.
  • SCL-9412 Bad return type in method reference when calling with constructor of Scala class
  • SCL-3899 Convert Java to Scala: Final fields initialized in constructor are not converted properly
  • SCL-8232 Incorrect syntax error when supplying id function to traverse method
  • SCL-9938 Remove error highlighting from type element in case of type mismatch
  • SCL-9640 Scala plugin reports errors when source file located outside the source root is opened
  • SCL-9668 Pattern match should be highlighted yellow
  • SCL-9583 Scala scratch file evaluation fails
  • SCL-9916 Inspection pass never completes for the specific file
  • SCL-9915 Scala Single Abstract Method (SAM) with by-name argument compilation error: identifier expected but '=>' found.
  • SCL-9764 IDE hangs when writing a for comprehension with an underscore
  • SCL-9838 Wrong "comparing unrelated types" with a type alias for a Float
  • SCL-9368 Convert "throws Exception" to "@throwsException" instead of @throws(classOfException)
  • SCL-9429 Scala plugin doesn't support pattern matching on case classes with more than 22 parameters
  • SCL-9369 Conversion should generate a primary constructors, including a correct translation of calls to parent constructors
  • SCL-9505 Some breakpoints in lambdas are never hit
  • SCL-9627 False highlighted error: type mismatch on a custom AnyVal class assignment in an OptionAnyVal
  • SCL-9715 Redundant conversion inspection is unstable
  • SCL-9421 break/continue lose labels
  • SCL-9361 Inspection: Hash code uses a var
  • SCL-9586 Regression: Java functions with Object[] parameters assumed as ArrayAny instead of ArrayAnyRef
  • SCL-9545 Parentheses wrongly removed from expression on simplify boolean ...
  • SCL-9682 "anonymous function can be turned into a method value" is overeager
  • SCL-9446 SyntheticMembersInjector injectFunctions doesn't override abstract methods
  • SCL-4289 Java calling Scala, bad code green when constructing a trait
  • SCL-9661 Intellij idea 15 not infering scala types correctly in Java 1.8 project
  • SCL-9542 Introduce var poor type deduction
  • SCL-9712 Inspection: use partial function instead of explicit pattern matching
  • SCL-8823 PartialFunction0 that 'returns' Unit incorrect red highlight
  • SCL-9605 formatting changes value of interpolated string literal
  • SCL-9574 .map(_ == "").getOrElse(true) should be .forall(_ == "")
  • SCL-9456 Scala return type error highlighting confusing in a try/catch block
  • SCL-9832 Do not warn about empty-parens for getters in ScalaJS facades
  • SCL-9760 Don't suggest length-related collection inspections for Array
  • SCL-9567 @Inject annotation is broken in the latest EAP
  • SCL-9346 Wrong warning 'Comparing unrelated types' for overloaded == and != operators
  • SCL-2022 Autocompletion: suggest nearby references first
  • SCL-6617 Feature request: sort completions by scope
  • SCL-9736 Type inference & auto-complete broken with Monocle REGRESSION
  • SCL-9863 Code coloring is broken (deprecated attributes usage)
  • SCL-9742 Play is not working in
  • SCL-8408 Weird priorities in the autocompletion cause great pain with quick typing
  • SCL-9920 Erroneous pattern matching warning
  • SCL-8119 Scala: Breeze operations return 'Nothing' in editor, while compilation works fine.
  • SCL-9699 Scala "Output path is shared between modules" error with new IDEA 16 module structure
  • SCL-5852 Java editor misbehaves when implementing a Scala Trait with type parameters in a Java class
  • SCL-9597 Importing/opening a Gradle Scala project incorrectly configures the Scala compiler encoding setting

Build 2.2.1

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