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PhpStorm EAP 145.256 Release Notes

PHP CompletionBugWI-30936There is no completion for aliased trait inside trait use block
BugWI-30924Autoimport doesn't work for completion of trait inside trait use block
BugWI-30991Smart enter: one more step is needed to get into parens
UsabilityWI-30935In function import statement after namespace prefix only functions from the namespace should be shown.
UsabilityWI-30877Code completion does not work for protected/private methods/properties in the traits
PHP debugBugWI-30972Validation: fail to validate web server with disabled "Remote Host Access" plugin
PHP langUsabilityWI-3232PHP: define(), isset() and other "language construct" "function definitions" seems to be not provided for navigation and quick doc
ExceptionWI-30726com.jetbrains.php.codeInsight.controlFlow.ControlFlowException: on very large method (2000+ lines of code)
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-30881Key passphrase is used as a password in case key file is invalid or passphrase doesn't match it
ExceptionWI-30645Remote Host Access: null pointer exception with copy and paste
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-152061Ability to set default project location
TaskIDEA-149458Support for parallel update campaigns in a single channel
Task ManagementBugIDEA-136499"Open Task" command and GitLab issues: uses internal (DB global) issue id instead of issue number (project local)
Version Control. LogUsabilityIDEA-152442"Go To Hash/Branch/Tag" button is missing
Version Control. MercurialPerformanceIDEA-152392Freezes when hg has many roots (JDK project)
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-146178Subversion fails during check of file by invalid path
Build toolsBugWEB-18581npm scripts: Debug should be available only for script with node process
HTMLBugWEB-10645Wrong case in HTML autocomplete
BugWEB-20527Error: Cannot resolve file
JavaScriptBugWEB-20494JSDoc @see symbol autocompletion not working inside constructor function
BugWEB-20426export default function gives "Unused function" and "Unresolved variables"
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-20443JSHint: support new options inside .jshintrc file and JSHint UI
BugWEB-20117Redundant local variable inspection for JavaScript incorrectly identifies variable that is required.
BugWEB-20138ES6: reassign const variable
BugWEB-20559es6: destructuring assignment in for of loop result in restructured variables incorrectly being marked as 'might not be initialized'
BugWEB-20534Duplicate declaration when using computed property names with function values
Node.jsExceptionWEB-20643Remote interpreter: NullPointerException on applying empty Vagrant configuration
TypeScriptBugWEB-18835TypeScript: Autoformatting does not put spaces after colon before type in interfaces
BugWEB-18352Typescript: module resolution logic wrong. Analyzer ignores `typings` entry in sud-modules `package.json` when targeting commonjs
BugWEB-20625Convert to template string intention should work in TypeScript
PerformanceWEB-19847WebStorm crashes caused by large TypeScript project when unresolved types introduced
DockerFeaturePY-18623Support –add-host flag for run configurations based on Docker remote interpreters
BugPY-18632Env variables in Docker container settings for Python run configuration are ignored
UsabilityPY-18637Fix usability problems in Docker container settings editor