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Version is used in several places:

  • for changes collecting
  • for patch construction
  • when content of the file is retrieved from the repository
  • for labeling / tagging

TeamCity does not show Versions in the UI directly. For UI, TeamCity converts a Version to its display name using VcsSupport#getVersionDisplayName(String, VcsRoot).


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class SomeVcsSupport implements VcsSupport {
  public SomeVcsSupport(VcsManager manager) {

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TODO (detecting versions, grouping changes into modifications, handling checkout
h2. Challenges

TODO (detecting versions, grouping changes into modifications, handling checkout rules...)

Server side caches

By default, server caches clean patches created by VCS plugins, because on large repositories clean patch construction can take significant time. If clean patches created by your VCS plugin must not be cached, you should return true from the method VcsSupport#ignoreServerCachesFor(VcsRoot).


To create agent side checkout, implement

Tc javadoc
in the agent part of the plugin. Also server side part of your plugin must implement
Tc javadoc


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