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Compatible agents
When querying for compatible agents, only the agents which can actually run the builds are now returned. By default, unauthorized, disconnected and disabled agents are not listed. This behavior differs from that in previous versions which had a number of discrepancies. Affected requests and entities: .../app/rest/agents?locator=compatible:(...); ../app/rest/agents/.../compatibleBuildTypes and incompatibleBuildTypes; nested nodes Agent.compatibleBuildTypes, QueuedBuild.compatibleAgents, BuildType.compatibleAgents

NuGet Support

Configuration parameters teamcity.tool.NuGet.CommandLine.%NUGET_VERSION%.nupkg are not reported anymore. teamcity.tool.NuGet.CommandLine.%NUGET_VERSION% parameters should be referenced instead.

 e.g instead of using %teamcity.tool.NuGet.CommandLine.DEFAULT.nupkg% parameter reference %teamcity.tool.NuGet.CommandLine.DEFAULT% should be used.

Changes from 9.1.6 to 9.1.7