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h3. Changes from 2017.2.1 to 2017.2.2
h4. Perforce executable paths
Starting from TeamCity 2017.2.2 the field which specifies path to p4 works only on the agent side, for agent-side checkout.
For the server, p4 binary should be present in the PATH of the TeamCity server (or can be specified via `teamcity.perforce.customP4Path` internal property).

Starting from TeamCity 2017.2.2 number of mercurial VCS root properties change their behavior for security reasons. 
* the "HG command path" is used on the TeamCity server only if included into whitelist (https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD10/Mercurial#Mercurial-Pathtohgexecutabledetection)
* the "Clone repository to" property is hidden if VCS root doesn't have it already and is ignored by default. To make TeamCity to show the property in all VCS roots add an internal property teamcity.hg.showCustomClonePath=true. The value of the VCS root property is respected only if it is included into whitelist specified by the teamcity.hg.customClonePathWhitelist internal property, which is ;-separated list of directories where clone is allowed. Use /path/to/dir/* to allow clone to the child directories of the /path/to/dir.
* the "Mercurial config" is ignored on the server. If you need to enable some mercurial plugins, please do that in the global .hgrc on the TeamCity server machine.
h3. Changes from 2017.1.5 to 2017.1.6
The bundled JetBrains dotCover and ReSharper command line tools have been updated to version 2017.2.2