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Recent Changes

IntelliJ IDEA 144.3357.4

Sometimes it might be useful to move statements left or right: for changing the order of attributes of an XML element, method parameters, or elements in an array initializer. To make it possible we’ve added two new actions: Alt + Ctrl + Shift + Left/Right (Alt + Cmd + Shift + Left/Right for OS X). 

Two new actions to help you work with Git branches, available via the Branches popup: Checkout with Rebase and Rename.

If you do an interactive rebase via the VCS | Git | Rebase main menu, IntelliJ IDEA now automatically stashes and unstashes local changes and assists with resolving conflicts.

The experience of applying patches has also been improved: you can now recover from the patches that could not be applied because of conflicts.

To learn more, read the corresponding blog post.

Release Notes

IntelliJ IDEA 144.3143.6