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PhpStorm EAP 144.3010 Release Notes

PHP CompletionBugWI-30154Autocomplete broken on control structures (alternative syntax) in unclosed php tag
BugWI-30148The autocomplete of variables insert dollar sign before => in array
BugWI-30285Autocompletion suggests function implementation for interfaces extending interfaces
PHP RefactoringBugWI-29303Extract method: forbid to extract method in write access expression
PHP debugBugWI-29802Settings does not modify capitalization changes in Languages->PHP->Servers "Absolute path on the server" field
UsabilityWI-27798Validate remote interpreters path mappings on configuration changes
UsabilityWI-30357Project Interpreter: create project-level interpreter for project-level deployment server
UsabilityWI-23869Remote interpreter: provide color differentiation of deployment servers
PHP testBugWI-30356Allow to rerun tests imported by results
PS specificUsabilityWI-29979Navigate to corresponding content root from marked folders
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-29675PhpStorm 10.0 "sync with" does not sync files with same filename from different directories
BugWI-29997Remote Hosts Access: IDEA hangs trying to verify remote credentials if specified private key location is incorrect
PHP RunBugWI-29981Remote Interpreter: Deployment server is verified if Vagrant is chosen
UsabilityWI-29875Remote Interpreter: apply button is always enabled if remote interpreter by vagrant is selected
No subsystemBugIDEA-147015deadlock during class initializer
BugIDEA-147723live templates don't work in PHP file templates
BugIDEA-146446Can't switch JDK on OS X 10.11
DockerFeatureIDEA-138350Deploy Images from Docker Repository
FeatureIDEA-138987Add ability to run image with specified command
BugIDEA-148572Dockerfile editor: provide completions for keywords
BugIDEA-146993Volume binding on windows is not correct because of special symbols in the path
BugIDEA-146347Docker Plugin fails to attach to container running on server bound to unix socket
UsabilityIDEA-138981Disable ability "Show processes" for not running containers
TaskIDEA-137782Docker: detect dockerfile and suggest to create run config
Editor. Editing TextUsabilityIDEA-149712Various errors in widen-selection (ctrl-w)
Project ViewBugIDEA-149666Bookmark icons are not shown for files in Project View
PerformanceIDEA-147465Closed project leaked through Project View panes
User InterfaceUsabilityIDEA-149590Open File dialog should display icons for registered directory types (e.g. bundles on OS X)
Version ControlBugIDEA-146642unexpected mapping on applying a VCS patch
No subsystemBugWEB-18795Allow suppressing "Cannot resolve symbol..."
BugWEB-7877Code editor vibrates during typing
CoffeeScriptBugWEB-18997Duplicate alt+enter menu items
DebuggerFeatureWEB-11245Feature to debug JavaScript callbacks
FeatureWEB-13024Javascript asynchronous callstack
HTMLBugWEB-10809"Insert new line before": weird behaviour
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-13844Please highlight cyrillic letters in source code
FeatureWEB-7516Introduce a setting to use @return or @returns JSDoc
FeatureWEB-1221Structure and code completion make no distinction between static and instance members
FeatureWEB-16359Intention for converting string concatenation into ES6 template string
BugWEB-19437No code completion when using backticks in require statements
BugWEB-10715comment with line/block comment does not work when in regex literal
BugWEB-18926"Jump to declaration" (cmd-b or cmd-click) does not work with Javascript files
BugWEB-19767ES6: Dummy suggestions for `yield`
BugWEB-16165Returned expression type Array is not assignable to type fixme
BugWEB-16993Invalid ES6 code marked as valid
BugWEB-19111Code completion for multiple levels of inheritance
BugWEB-18414JSDoc examples syntax highlighting artefact
BugWEB-18974Cannot resolve symbol error if multiple implementation match the ES6 import path
BugWEB-18784AMD doesn't work with ES6 modules
BugWEB-19655IllegalArgumentException when use backticks in require statements
BugWEB-16534Duplicate declaration error for destructuring assignment
BugWEB-14384Renaming a parameter from a JSDoc comment gets stuck in the renaming operation when using ES6 method definition shorthand
BugWEB-17446Wrong message "overrides method in object" in node.js project
BugWEB-14734ES6: silent errors in the import statements
BugWEB-10987OutOfMemory when indexing huge json
BugWEB-18989es6 import missing autocomplete compared to nodejs's require
ExceptionWEB-19509IllegalArgumentException when edit template's code
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-18911using "arguments" outside function is NOT error
BugWEB-18516JSdoc: this return type edge case is not handled correctly
BugWEB-16202ES6: Duplicate declaration
BugWEB-18333JSDoc-based type error when using ES 2015 spread operator and an array type (WS 11 EAP 142.5255)
Node.jsFeatureWEB-19093Node.js: support path auto-completion for require statement
BugWEB-19806Connect to remote host dialog pops up when remote interpreter configuration is canceled
BugWEB-19697Module is not statement
BugWEB-19617uncaught exception in case when deployment configuration was deleted, but there is still node interpreter referring to it
BugWEB-19643Node remote interpreter: always stop/terminate remote node process
BugWEB-18768require() call is missing with mocha-DefinitelyTyped
BugWEB-19018Unable to handle private/prefixed modules
BugWEB-19652Node remote interpreter: do not reconnect to all hosts on Settings/RC opening
BugWEB-19641Node remote interpreter should be shown only for valid Run Configurations
ProfilingFeatureWEB-17178Profiling: CPU: Flame Chart: place Selection Rectangle on the area with calls by default
FeatureWEB-17163Profiling: CPU: Flame Chart: provide Navigation from the Chart Details to the Calls
BugWEB-19663Profiling: CPU: Overview Ring: sometimes values are not correctly shown on picture
CosmeticsWEB-19662Profiling: CPU: improve popup messages
Unit TestsBugWEB-19754Stack trace does not link to local test code
BugWEB-19009Mocha tests & typescript. Double click on mocha test opens up the javascript file, not the typescript file.