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IDEA-149428 (Usability Problem)

Suggested variable name on a chain of lambdas has a different name to the original

IDEA-149179 (Usability Problem)

Inspection settings dialog usability.

WEB-12270 (Performance Problem)

Make intellisense.filesize property be ignored for library files.

WEB-19403 (Performance Problem)

WebStorm hangs on project open

WEB-7877 (Bug)

Code editor vibrates during typing

IDEA-140824 (Bug)

Search Everywhere popup doesn't display relevant class name if jar name is too long

IDEA-149724 (Bug)

Live Templates: IDE does not see the change if Copy action was used for creation of a new template

IDEA-149481 (Bug)

Too many events posted / org.jetbrains.plugins.groovy.mvc.MvcModuleStructureSynchronizer

IDEA-84414 (Bug)

Reporting a problem to plugin vendor in "IDE Fatal Errors" doesn't work ("mailto" link)

IDEA-149312 (Bug)

Unstable width of "Preferences" window

IDEA-149698 (Bug)

Cannot rerun tests in dumb mode + batch rerun when getting out of dumb mode

WEB-19527 (Bug)

Unreadable global variables color

IDEA-134164 (Exception)

Could not start Idea

(Click to Choose)


DBE-1627 (Bug)

Problem with case handling while renaming

Build tools


WEB-19333 (Performance Problem)

Grunt "serve" task and Bower listing cause multiple blocked node processes

Code Analysis. Duplicates


IDEA-145091 (Feature)

Provide option for duplicated code inspection to exclude generated sources duplicates when processing plain source file

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-149645 (Feature)

"Access can be tightened" inspection should have option for avoiding synthetic accessors

IDEA-72042 (Bug)

IOResource opened but not safely closed: no support for utility classes

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-132970 (Bug)

Provide simple import of IntelliJ code style settings

IDEA-141467 (Bug)

"Reformat according to Style"-Checkbox resets on IDE restart

Code Navigation


IDEA-149095 (Bug)

Java class tooltip suggests containing module, but class is from library JAR



IDEA-149450 (Bug)

ANSI escapes not interpreted as expected



DBE-1797 (Bug)

MSSQL: OxDBE can't connect to the named server instance over Microsoft JDBC driver



DBE-2061 (Bug)

MS SQL and Sybase Data Source Configuration Window: wildcards in schema list don't work

DBE-2049 (Bug)

Oracle Triggers: trigger types and events are not introspected perfectly



WEB-19569 (Feature)

Dart rename: allow to chose which potential usages should be renamed

WEB-19007 (Feature)

Send code completion requests for `.analysis_options` files.

WEB-18696 (Bug)

Dart Plugin can't print unicode in windows

WEB-19478 (Bug)

Dartdoc example code not formatted correctly



DBE-2029 (Feature)

Filter by "IS NULL"



IDEA-149558 (Usability Problem)

Add an option to show parameter types in debug call stacks

IDEA-149379 (Bug)

Unable to apply show alternative source changes in settings

WEB-19334 (Bug)

Debugging Meteor 1.2.x is essentially broken for any language.

WEB-18646 (Bug)

Regularly getting error: Failed to find breakpoint by id

IDEA-149570 (Bug)

Java debugger "Treads" view does not display frames, stalling on "Collecting data..."

WEB-19464 (Bug)

Debugging Angular 2 has no debug info

IDEA-149611 (Bug)

No alternative source notification for class files

IDEA-149816 (Bug)

No completion and strange errors in condition field in decompiled files



IDEA-149184 (Feature)

Add auto scale to fit downscaling, remember zoom factor and zoom both images at once options to image diff

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-149712 (Usability Problem)

Various errors in widen-selection (ctrl-w)

IDEA-149785 (Task)

Add an option in editor settings to disable adding carets on double-Ctrl+arrows

IDEA-149641 (Bug)

Scrolling pane horizontal position does not follow the caret if Live Template variable placeholder is active

Editor. Intention Actions


IDEA-149209 (Bug)

Duplicate menu option while correcting spelling

File System


IDEA-137695 (Exception)

Pycharm was working fine, however i restarted my computer and tried to open it and I got a java.lang.runtime exception

File Watchers


WEB-17071 (Bug)

Stylus file watcher: changing partial file should result in re-compiling main files

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-147920 (Feature)

Make Find in Path result previews editable

IDEA-85093 (Feature)

Find in files preview: allow to edit source file



IDEA-138651 (Feature)

Notify if a widget used in UiBinder is not present in stated package

IDEA-149586 (Bug)

IDEA should notify about error when UIBinder's root doesn't match type in bound class



IDEA-149661 (Bug)

Cannot navigate to test method with dot in name

IDEA-137835 (Bug)

tests under gradle with includeFlat option



IDEA-149187 (Bug)

Build breaks with NullPointerException on IBM JDK

IDEA-149284 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA doesn't like a HashMap as delegate

IDE Configuration


IDEA-149458 (Task)

Support for parallel update campaigns in a single channel



DBE-2064 (Feature)

TFS integration plugin

IDE.User Interface


DBE-652 (Usability Problem)

Support directories as DDL data source



IDEA-149391 (Feature)

Allow to sort nodes alphabetically in the Structure View for JSON documents



IDEA-117887 (Feature)

"Hardcoded file separator": Recognize resource calls

IDEA-148823 (Feature)

Guava -> Java 8 migration: migration of `Predicates` methods could be supported

IDEA-149538 (Bug)

redundant field initialization in the presence of class initializers

IDEA-149037 (Bug)

Guava -> Java 8 migration: `FluentIterable.copyInto()` gives incompilable result if collection type is wildcard

IDEA-134732 (Bug)

Inspection: I/O resource reports false positive when resource is consumed by a method call

IDEA-149684 (Bug)

'Declaration access can be weaker' inspection incorrectly suggests to make an inner class private even if it is used in generic parameters of the outer class

IDEA-147662 (Bug)

Guava -> Java 8 migration: array types are not reported



WEB-1221 (Feature)

Structure and code completion make no distinction between static and instance members

WEB-19437 (Bug)

No code completion when using backticks in require statements

WEB-19111 (Bug)

Code completion for multiple levels of inheritance

WEB-19392 (Bug)

Unused constant

WEB-14734 (Bug)

ES6: silent errors in the import statements

WEB-19509 (Exception)

IllegalArgumentException when edit template's code

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-2236 (Bug)

Arrow function is not formatted properly

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-19558 (Bug)

Angular 2 components are not resolved in HTML



WEB-19384 (Bug)

expand selection in css/less issue



WEB-19559 (Feature)

NPM scripts: make messages/errors in console clickable

WEB-19093 (Feature)

Node.js: support path auto-completion for require statement

WEB-19617 (Bug)

uncaught exception in case when deployment configuration was deleted, but there is still node interpreter referring to it

WEB-19449 (Bug)

F_OK, R_OK, W_OK and X_OK are not found by WebStorm

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-147676 (Usability Problem)

Produce user-friendly error message on attempt to run IDE/Inspections/Duplicates under incompatible JDK

Project Configuration


IDEA-149366 (Usability Problem)

The error message that is shown on attempt to download library if connection fails should be wrapped

IDEA-148647 (Bug)

Import module from existing source have no effect - no module is created

IDEA-149675 (Bug)

Diplicate sources roots on first project import

REST Client


WEB-10584 (Bug)

support GET params for POST requests in REST Client Tool Window

WEB-19065 (Bug)

REST Client plugin send chatacter '?' on request even without parameters!



IDEA-127521 (Usability Problem)

Offer to clear r/o status of a directory when users are trying to use alt+ins in it

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-147545 (Usability Problem)

When run configuration is under folder, F4 in Run Configurations popup runs configuration instead of opening editor



DBE-1967 (Feature)

Option to indent into clause



DBE-2026 (Feature)

No suggestion in PLPGSQL for FOUND special variable.



DBE-1309 (Feature)

Custom Code Folding

DBE-1762 (Bug)

Surround with in SQL: end of document/selection bugs



DBE-2052 (Bug)

Sybase dialect should recognize = / = (old-fashioned outer joins)



IDEA-149385 (Feature)

Spring: new "Choose Active Spring Profiles" action

IDEA-141664 (Bug)

Spring Boot: [Binding] support "[key]" notation for maps

IDEA-144176 (Bug)

Autowiring inspection false positive: @Bean method autowiring itself

IDEA-149463 (Bug)

Spring: support meta-annotation for @Bean

IDEA-149479 (Bug)

No candidate for @Autowired when using meta annotation.

IDEA-117924 (Bug)

Good code red: "Could not Autowire", profiles related

IDEA-149382 (Bug)

Spring: show profile chooser editor panel for meta-@Configuration annotations



WEB-2475 (Bug)

TypeScript: 'split into declaration and initialization' should correcly work for variables of object type

WEB-19453 (Bug)

Typescript: reexport in d.ts file

WEB-19321 (Bug)

Better JavaScript docs from .d.ts

Unit Tests


WEB-19009 (Bug)

Mocha tests & typescript. Double click on mocha test opens up the javascript file, not the typescript file.

User Interface


IDEA-149501 (Cosmetics)

Hector popup: show hector icons next to levels

IDEA-113878 (Cosmetics)

"Compare by" combobox`s selected icon have invalid margins in "Sync with deployed" dialog

IDEA-149499 (Cosmetics)

Editor gutter: reduce "jumping" on intermediate indexing

IDEA-149219 (Bug)

org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper should be disabled by default

IDEA-140995 (Bug)

Toolwindow popup: no ordering

Version Control


IDEA-55508 (Feature)

Need an ability to see file history from repository for file which is now deleted

IDEA-149151 (Cosmetics)

Cannot move focus through "Unshelve..." dialog by TAB

IDEA-149652 (Cosmetics)

Context menu options for Show/Hide Already Unshelved make no sense

Version Control. Git


IDEA-149441 (Usability Problem)

Please add "checkout from version control" to the VCS->Git

IDEA-134058 (Bug)

Git: can't show diff for removed file in "compare with branch"