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Although MPS comes with a rich set of languages so you can be a productive programmer or language designer from day one, the modular nature of MPS allows languages to be shared and combined freely. This page holds a list of additional languages that you may find useful for your applications.

Samples included in the distribution

MPS comes with a set of sample languages, both standalone and Java (BaseLanguage) extensions. They are typically located in your home folder in a folder named MPSSamples.version. MPS offers you a quick way to open them through the welcome screen:

Additional Language Installation

  1. Download MPS and install it.
  2. Download the desired additional language and unpack them to folder xxx
  3. Execute MPS and go to Settings->MPS Library Manager
  4. Press add, enter a new library name, press ok and select the path to folder xxx. MPS should scan the folder and load all language packages found in it.

After these steps you can start creating new solution with models in them and use the newly installed language.


Note: The languages below are out-dated and cannot be used with the recent versions of MPS. Please, stay tuned for an update and feel free to experiment with the samples included in the MPS distribution in the meantime.