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Build 1.9.999

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27 Fixed issues
27 Fixed issues
  • SCL-9000 Method call returning tuple within an unapply definition incorrectly maps entire tuple to first captured val at call site rather than destructuring tuple, leaving all remaining captures undefined
  • SCL-9244 Macro annotations on methods don't expand
  • SCL-9240 Good code yellow: "Useless expression" flagged incorrectly
  • SCL-9287 Missing specs2 and junit libraries in the dependencies of a new Play project
  • SCL-9317 Mark expanded macro applications
  • SCL-2066 Formatter incorrectly indents braces of methods and other blocks if they are configured to be on a new line.
  • SCL-9235 Incorrect "Java accessor method called as empty-paren" with Java 8 Stream API
  • SCL-9252 add quickfix for "Type annotation required" inspection
  • SCL-9230 debugger trees: label don't changes from "Collecting data..." for vars
  • SCL-9309 No warning for duplicate aliases
  • SCL-9270 possibility to create and use variables in evaluate expression
  • SCL-8959 Change "working directory" of scala compiler to match project home
  • SCL-8866 Syntax highlighting issue with Java 8
  • SCL-9124 Scala plugin shows too many duplicated classes in inheritors dialog
  • SCL-9179 Make 'Enable optimize imports automatically' command not a top-most one
  • SCL-9272 Labeled objects do not work in "Evaluate expression" if "Scala" is selected
  • SCL-9294 With Scala plugin enabled, com.intellij.debugger.NoDataException is thrown while debugging
  • SCL-9354 Scala plugin broken by Scala compiler sources
  • SCL-9273 Hierarchy, Go to implementation, and implementation gutter icons are broken
  • SCL-9290 NPE on running Play
  • SCL-5771 Completion for generic mutable collection classes does not work correctly
  • SCL-7178 Provide better error message, when two type have the same name
  • SCL-9192 Expression of type BigDecimal doesn't conform to expected type BigDecimal
  • SCL-8195 An ability to mark some imports as used (so they are not removed upon reformat)
  • SCL-9312 OutOfMemoryError when import/refresh large sbt project
  • SCL-8933 Good code red: Wrong type inference in for comprehension (inferes to Nothing)
  • SCL-8800 Code highlighting is totally broken for simulacrum