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  • TeamCity 9.1.2 (build 37168) Release Notes

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  • TW-41544 - Slow merge commit analysis during changes persisting
  • TW-42238 - Build chain optimizer can perform optimization of the same node in chain several times

Security Problem

  • TW-34381 - User without view settings permission can get build configuration settings
  • TW-42112 - Project administrators can modify some data of a VCS root they have no edit permission for
  • TW-42139 - Project administrators can get settings of a project they have only view permissions for
  • TW-42266 - XXE and Xml bomb attacks possible via xml for xml test reporter build feature
  • TW-42273 - XXE and Xml bomb attacks possible via build.xml in ant runner and steps auto discovery feature
  • TW-42346 - XML attacks possible via pom.xml in maven runner