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Code: Formatting

BugOC-12268Formatter breaks Swift executable scripts

Code: Navigation

Usability ProblemOC-12300Navbar shouldn't show Intermediate folders for product files

Code: Parsing

FeatureOC-12086Parse Objective-C Generics
FeatureOC-12132Parse __kindof annotations (Xcode 7)
BugOC-12146Nullability keywords are parsed incorrectly on Xcode7
BugOC-12156Support assignment keyword in operators
BugOC-12006@noescape modifier for closures is not recognized

Debugger: LLDB

FeatureOC-12273Support optional CoreFoundation types

Project Model

Usability ProblemOC-6554DerivedData and build folders should be excluded from project roots

Project View

BugOC-12313Excluded folder should be marked brown in Files view

Code: Completion

BugCPP-898No Intellisense for large files, idea.max.intellisense.filesize ignored

Code: Editing

BugCPP-4315"Edit | Copy Reference" result doesn't contain the file name

Code: Formatting

BugCPP-3411Wrong template formatting when IDE believes the declaration is non-existent, additional space introduced

Code: Generation

BugCPP-2988"volatile" is ignored in type generation

Code: Highlighting and Inspections

BugCPP-4282"Non-const function is called on the const object" for overloaded deref operator
BugCPP-4147Red code is green: calling non-const function from const function
BugCPP-3746'mutable' in lambda declaration without parens should be highlighted as error
BugCPP-4274Green code is red: "Non-const function is called on the const object"
Usability ProblemCPP-3644Parameter type mismatch in template constructor call

Code: Parsing

BugCPP-3810__underlying_type support
BugCPP-4111Parameter with type __underlying_type isn't resolved
BugCPP-3759Several compound initializers can't be passed to function

Code: Refactorings

BugCPP-3106Extract from const volatile produce uncompilable code
BugCPP-4372Extract function with an empty argument produces incorrect code

Code: Resolving

FeatureOC-12330Resolve Objective-C generics
BugCPP-3056auto it = vector<>.begin() flagged as incorrect
BugCPP-983const modifier is incorrectly inferred for 'auto' variables
BugCPP-3993"IDE fatal error" on opening a file from the project view
BugCPP-4257Const array parameter types should be converted to non-const pointers
BugCPP-4256Type of C++ string literal should be "char [length + 1]" rather than "const char *"
BugCPP-3842Wrong code inspection result involving 'volatile' keyword and 'const' keyword
BugCPP-4431Resolve of HelloWorld takes enormous time, NullPointerException sometimes occurs
BugCPP-4198Template parameters in specializations are not substituted in messages
BugCPP-4288Type of rvalue expressions should not be const or volatile
BugCPP-2462Incorrect template parameter resolution
BugCPP-4310Sfinae should not filter symbols without substitutions in dependent type context
BugCPP-2265Differentiate between template and non-template method of same name
BugCPP-4385Unresolved label in goto statement
BugCPP-4275String literals of different length can't be used in conditional expression
BugCPP-4308Type unification should take function return type into account
BugCPP-4148Red code is green: discarding volatile under pointer
BugCPP-1535volatile qualifier seems to be ignored in function overload
BugCPP-2668Function type template parameter is not resolved
Performance ProblemCPP-3750Unnecessary slowdowns in resolve due incorrectly set C/C++/OC language case-sensitivity

Debugger: GDB

BugCPP-3537Debugger is confused by symlinked sources
BugCPP-3627Provide lazy creation of gdb variables

Project Model

BugCPP-620Cmake files included with include() from CMakeLists.txt are not treated as dependencies
Usability ProblemCPP-3974'CMake project need to be reloaded' message should be displayed in all source files, not only in cmake files

No subsystem

BugIDEA-143303DumbService exception in "add file extension" dialog.


BugIDEA-121936Adjusting font size in consoles sets global Console font style
Usability ProblemIDEA-63980Make idea.cycle.buffer.size configurable in IDEA GUI / IDEA settings
Usability ProblemIDEA-143693Stack trace folding hides important information
Usability ProblemIDEA-143318Execute IDE Scripting Console Script on Startup


FeatureIDEA-101042Provide a way to disable left editor gutter VCS markers (for added/modified lines)
BugIDEA-142086Command line diff tool does not reflect the changes if call it the second time and if it is invoked for the same IDEA installation but different executable version
BugIDEA-144511Diff window shows unknown file type error for new Java file on the shelf
BugIDEA-141846Diff dialog in commit: inaccurate layout of editor for commit message
BugIDEA-142471LineStatusTracker popup is not shown after file editing
BugIDEA-143333Diff viewer: Collapse unchanged fragments causes strange behavior
BugIDEA-143443Diff window toolbar contains two same button to show in old diff when see diff from shelf
BugIDEA-144343Ctrl-tab brings up the switcher in the diff window
BugIDEA-89888Incorrect colors of linemarkers
Usability ProblemIDEA-144687Diff "Include into commit" checkbox should have an accelerator key
Usability ProblemIDEA-141276Highlights on scrollbar in diff view too small

Editor. Editing Text

FeatureIDEA-70194Javadoc: Provide support for completing javadoc parameters description
FeatureIDEA-66333Quick documentation lookup on mouse hover
FeatureIDEA-74158Move Caret to Next Blank Line
FeatureIDEA-93452Implement "section" support in rearrange menu.
BugIDEA-142623IntelliJ hangs when searching in console
BugIDEA-141881Editor highlights not paired brackets in decompiled class
BugIDEA-142091"Swap selection boundaries" command activates sticky selection mode
BugIDEA-141348Text error wave issues
BugIDEA-32864Move lines in enum do not work
BugIDEA-142975Smart home action doesn't work on a folded method
BugIDEA-102479"Complete Current Statment" reformats the whole method
BugIDEA-141852Quick documentation doesn't support @value tag without hash preceding variable reference
BugIDEA-141408Action "Duplicate Lines" duplicates too much
BugIDEA-142512Indent a new line if the text after a caret position contains only whitespaces
BugIDEA-96179Replace with a camel case string and Preserve Case on converts the string to lower case
BugIDEA-143410Drag-n-drop in split editor does not move cursor
BugIDEA-142033Change in Scratch file language selection
BugIDEA-68156Exception when typing in binary file
BugIDEA-144374Code analysis suspended
BugIDEA-141310Method params hint sometimes is shown over the text
BugIDEA-143105Font size change in settings does not affect current file
BugIDEA-143771Expand recursively won't work if the current code block is already expanded
BugIDEA-141879Indent guide lines are 1px longer
Performance ProblemIDEA-69153Editor: Improve performance of caret movement via arrow keys
Usability ProblemIDEA-126952Scratches should have an extension
Usability ProblemIDEA-143938Emacs mode: `C-m` does `C-l`, and `C-l` is unbound
Usability ProblemIDEA-82778"Close all but pinned" action has no effect when there are no pinned tabs
Usability ProblemIDEA-144638the code coverage gutter indicator overlaps with gutter icon and is impossible to click
Usability ProblemIDEA-143727Scratches: ChangeLanguage action should be more visible
CosmeticsIDEA-63968surprising color in JavaDoc

File System

BugIDEA-142978File rename/move during FS refresh can lead to the file invalidation and local history loss
BugIDEA-142305Changes to files are not saved on frame deactivation
Performance ProblemIDEA-144285IDE performs slowly when project path contains "~" on Windows
Performance ProblemIDEA-141576Buffer input streams to ensure data is read in whole blocks.
Performance ProblemIDEA-143056JarFileSystem jar->local conversion methods should be faster
ExceptionIDEA-143989Attempt to move broken symlink leads to exception
ExceptionIDEA-144031Startup exception

Find, Replace, Find Usages

FeatureIDEA-22996Find/Replace: add a button to hide excluded search results
FeatureIDEA-70451really need RegEx case transformation options during replace.
FeatureIDEA-143726Find in Path Preview tab doesn't differentiate between files with the same name in different directories
BugIDEA-137001when you push `F3` last time it should scroll the editor to the latest found value
BugIDEA-143269Find in Path dialog - cannot navigate to previous search values with the keyboard
BugIDEA-143165IntelliJ 15 EAP: Quick find not replacing text with new find text
BugIDEA-142848Enter in quick search bar doesn't navigate to next occurrence anymore
BugIDEA-141160Indexing prevents "Find in Path"
BugIDEA-131854Whole Word search matches partial occurrences
BugIDEA-141330Find Usages cannot find valid usage from abstract class
BugIDEA-142255Find in Path - 'Recursively' checkbox does not update 'Preview' on change
BugIDEA-142128When Preview tab is open, Find button navigates to the first found fragment
BugIDEA-143783Find: text in Find field moves caret to the end of a search string
BugIDEA-141824Replace In Files does not actually start replace operation when Preview tab is active
BugIDEA-143229When I invoke 'Find Usages' for a class usages of its static methods and fields are shown under 'Nested class access' category
BugIDEA-144023Find usages: Correct processing for elements from additional index roots
Usability ProblemIDEA-143481Confusion: What's the difference between Find in Path 'Whole Project' vs 'custom: Project Files' scopes?
Usability ProblemIDEA-138684Show full path in the Dialog in Find/Replace Path or Project
Usability ProblemIDEA-142127When search preview is enabled, allow to change currently selected preview entry without leaving the search edit field
Usability ProblemIDEA-142124Inline search bar usability regressions
Usability ProblemIDEA-15266Show Usages popup doesn't accept Editor->Down and Editor->Up keybindings, only supports DOWN_ARROW and UP_ARROW
CosmeticsIDEA-143419Find in Path: Pop-up "Occurences in IDEA project files are skipped. Include them" is not clear


ExceptionIDEA-144503'SlimTag:head contains invalid declaration' while complete slim tags


BugIDEA-42856Changes made in files while the project is closed are not recognized in some cases
Performance ProblemIDEA-142179Reduce object creation and churn on indexing
ExceptionIDEA-142720PersistentEnumeratorBase$CorruptedException —\MethodsUsageIndex\index.values

Packaging and Installation

BugIDEA-136975Change the order of .vmoptions file processing from default to more specific
BugIDEA-143666Linux install instructions are obsolete and broken
BugIDEA-143614Could not run IDEA with debug parameters in idea.vmoptions on OSX
BugIDEA-139969Show error message if idea.exe.vmoptions not found
BugIDEA-142202IDEA with bundled jdk doesn't start on Ubuntu
BugIDEA-110823xdg-desktop-menu: file '/tmp/jetbrains-pycharm.desktop' does not exist when trying to create desktop shortcut
BugIDEA-142725Idea IC version 142.3230.1 cannot import settings
BugIDEA-65623IDEA should start all pre and post tasks of included artifacts
BugIDEA-144319When starting Idea from terminal error "Cannot find VM options file" appears but Idea starts successfully
BugIDEA-142306Unix installation with bundled java fails to start
BugIDEA-142646Config and system folder saved in 'C:\Users\xxx\.__PRODUCT_PATHS_SELECTOR__'
BugIDEA-141559IDEA crashes natively on startup when idea.vmoptions has line for debugging and port is already in use
BugIDEA-144173IDEA launched via on Mac OS fails to start with "Cannot find VM options file" error, though bin/mac/idea.vmoptions file exists in ZIP distribution
Usability ProblemIDEA-141534No executables in Idea UI 15 zip bundle
CosmeticsIDEA-138637idea.log logs JVM options from boths .vmoptions file (custom and bundled)
TaskIDEA-144125Plugin descriptors: unify to use <idea-plugin> root tag

Settings Repository

FeatureIDEA-131688Settings repository plugin: more descriptive commit message
BugIDEA-134781Possibility to stop setting sync
BugIDEA-141883.gitignore in the repository that tracks the settings is not respected
BugIDEA-131322Plugin Settings repository: merge to the local folder is not working
BugIDEA-143759Repository contains unmerged paths. Merge not work for me.
BugIDEA-144052When "Settings repository" is enabled changes in 'Path Variables' aren't saved to default path.macros.xml file causing errors in build process
BugIDEA-144166cannot set upstream SSH git URL in Settings repository
BugIDEA-143243Not able to setup repository
BugIDEA-131349Plugin Settings Repository: unable to switch github account
Usability ProblemIDEA-132462Improve Button Labels
ExceptionIDEA-131318NoRemoteRepositoryException when repository is not correctly picked
ExceptionIDEA-142812IAE at org.jetbrains.settingsRepository.SettingsRepositoryPackage$upstreamEditor$


ExceptionIDEA-143758Terminal Tool Window is empty; NoClassDefFoundError: com/pty4j/PtyProcess at org.jetbrains.plugins.terminal.TerminalView.initTerminal

User Interface

FeatureIDEA-143011Bookmarks dialog: Misleading bookmark controls.
FeatureIDEA-115042Support audio notifications under Mac OS X (command "say")
BugIDEA-142055[regression] bookmarks order is lost
BugIDEA-142218Pop-up for cut string at tool windows is shown even if focus is not at Idea
BugIDEA-142216Mac OS: "Platform and Plugins Updates" dialog (sheet message) doesn't have focus when shown from "Find Action" popup
BugIDEA-141980show usages fails to load more usages when select "more.."
BugIDEA-144699"Annotate" action from action popup does not redraw toggle when processed
BugIDEA-142968Auto-completion list on black background since latest EAP build
BugIDEA-140555Mark as buttons do not fit
BugIDEA-138300Settings dialog doesn't detect changes unless changing focus
BugIDEA-142999Settings window size is verys small by default
BugIDEA-131794Tree selection changes on double-click expansion
BugIDEA-142090Settings | Quick Lists: keyboard navigation is not possible, because on selecting a quick list focus goes to "Name" field
BugIDEA-142244Context menu on Find tool window tabs doesn't work correctly
BugIDEA-142663Group tabs option are available in the Project tool window
BugIDEA-142898Strike-through effect should change color the same way as the font
BugIDEA-141806Recently Edited Files - are not persisted between project reopen
BugIDEA-142084Funky character in breakpoint tooltip-dialog in secondary frame
BugIDEA-143152HiDPI on Linux: text caret is too thin by default
BugIDEA-140989Cannot select item from completion popup using mouse
BugIDEA-140212Recent Files dialog doesn't show folders in EAP
BugIDEA-142230Editor->Colors&Fonts: hard to notice highlight blinking in preview text with Darcula theme
BugIDEA-142728Slow actions update
BugIDEA-138032Project Structure View 'Show views as tabs' option doesn't persist between sessions
BugIDEA-142839ActionCallback.REJECTED.doWhenProcessed results in memory leaks
BugIDEA-142415Actions in Commit Dialog are not updated until some activity from the user
BugIDEA-143968New Library from maven doesn't work anymore
BugIDEA-143735FileChooser.chooseFiles doesn't call callback anymore then dialog is shown from another dialog
BugIDEA-141211"Customize IDE" dialog shouldn't be affected by slow/missing internet connection
BugIDEA-139829Move tabs by mouse drag&drop to reorder
BugIDEA-143456Run icon should be restart icon for running application server configuration
BugIDEA-144172Move breadcrumbs settings to some platform class
BugIDEA-143135HiDPI on Linux: ComboBox UI bug
BugIDEA-142791Overriding default font should change JSpinner default font
BugIDEA-143720popups not respecting keybindings of UP / DOWN.
Performance ProblemIDEA-142889Tool windows should be initialized in background
Performance ProblemIDEA-143500Many threads updating their progress fraction at the same time shouldn't lock each other
Usability ProblemIDEA-53898Make bookmarks preview window (Shift+F11) resizable and remember its size
Usability ProblemIDEA-141464Debugger popup dissappears when trying to hover mouse on "+"
Usability ProblemIDEA-105211Colors & Fonts | Font tab: Add tooltip when change default Editor Font size
Usability ProblemIDEA-116046Hide irrelevant run configuration types from 'Add New Configuration' popup
Usability ProblemIDEA-137539Minimized editor tab is not bring up to front (remains minimized) when navigate to this file/class
Usability ProblemIDEA-91047Undo doesn't work in plain text fields
Usability ProblemIDEA-121670Editor->Colors&Fonts: attribute list display/management
Usability ProblemIDEA-143597New behavior of creating Scratch Files is distracting
Usability ProblemIDEA-86464Flex build configuration: no hint in UI that dependency linkage type is editable
Usability ProblemIDEA-81363Submenu hides (too fast) when leaving entry in main menu
Usability ProblemIDEA-133568Distraction Free mode: XML breadcrumbs could be aligned with text in editor
CosmeticsIDEA-143470Open File dialog: unnecessary dot in the end of the phrase
CosmeticsIDEA-83174Please merge checkbox icons
CosmeticsIDEA-85566Git branches with underscores don't render properly in branch menu
CosmeticsIDEA-142183Watermark logo + no open files look just weird
CosmeticsIDEA-86980idea 117.499: build configuration widget in status bar: background differs
CosmeticsIDEA-141904Consider renaming tabs in Files and Code Templates dialog

Version Control

BugIDEA-142715It's impossible to move multiple files by mouse between changelists or even select several files via Ctrl/Cmd+Click
BugIDEA-142893Cannot unshelve changes if they contains a new file which already exists
BugIDEA-94335Shelve changes does not support binary files
BugIDEA-129253IDEA hangs up on opening the checked out project
BugIDEA-141978NPE: FileHistoryPanelImpl$MyAnnotateAction
BugIDEA-139877Error applying patch
BugIDEA-129842Diff Window: make git hash ID selectable
BugIDEA-24012IDEA doesn't offer to open a freshly checked out directory-based project
BugIDEA-143447Unshelve changes with unassociated file leads to some problems
BugIDEA-142519Can't rollback a line change if stripping trailing spaces is enabled
BugIDEA-44866Shelve Changes: Cancel should work
Usability ProblemIDEA-142613"Show Affected Paths" from annotations doesn't work in dumb mode
Usability ProblemIDEA-141729Unnecessary message asking remove the VCS root
Usability ProblemIDEA-142976"Performing code analysis" progress is uninformative
Usability ProblemIDEA-142344The "Create Patch" function does not understand the "~" path
Usability ProblemIDEA-125257Do not jump to the end of log by pressing 'Up' at the first line
Usability ProblemIDEA-142450Automatically register the VCS root if checked out from the IDE