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Build 1.8.0

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26 Fixed issues
26 Fixed issues
  • SCL-8917 Breakpoints in lambda sometimes trigger in a different source file
  • SCL-8890 inspection access to first/last element by index
  • SCL-8958 Auto closing brace inserts double when after xml literal in file
  • SCL-9004 Interpolation completion is not working for function parameter
  • SCL-9006 IAE at ScTypePsiTypeBridge$class.create() on Copy of Java type specification with additional bound
  • SCL-8908 Plugin version lost if switching update channel
  • SCL-8920 New SAM inspection doesn't catch Callable
  • SCL-8928 Extra } inserted in string interpolation
  • SCL-8965 SBT import is still broken (two months already)
  • SCL-5367 Good code shows as red: Using Value Types from Java
  • SCL-8875 Good code red: weird type inference issues
  • SCL-8935 NPE at autocompletion
  • SCL-8932 Invalid Replace with Option application when body is a function call
  • SCL-8793 Good code red: function resolves to a completely unrelated library
  • SCL-8921 Don't truncate the logger message in org.jetbrains.jps.cmdline.BuildMain (line 405?)
  • SCL-8944 Update ScalaStyle Version
  • SCL-8995 Good Code Red: Cannot resolve method Xxx.Unapply where the unapply method is synthetic but overrides an abstract unapply method
  • SCL-8654 Legal code red-flagged: class extends a scala case class in Java
  • SCL-8930 stripMargin automatically inserted on multiline interpolators whose result type's not a string
  • SCL-7170 Good code red: underscore after a by-name parameter
  • SCL-7885 Java editor doesn't recognize all exceptions marked with @throws in Scala code
  • SCL-9010 "Your IDEA is outdated to use with Scala plugin" message with reference to build already in use
  • SCL-8579 SBT import does not respect JDK deduced by sbt-structure 1.4.15
  • SCL-8631 Type error not shown when type tooltip is enabled
  • SCL-8157 Good code red: calling apply in implicitly converted object
  • SCL-8162 Support Kind Projector

Build 1.7.5

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