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The plugins are listed in the following sections:

Table of Contents

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Windows Phone

  • My City - Windows Phone app

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    {hidden-data}by Michael Dumont{hidden-data}

  • TeamCityMetro - Windows Phone app

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    {hidden-data}by Paul Stack and Gary Park, also have twitter account{hidden-data}




  • Artifactory - Artifactory repository manager integration and enhancements to Maven release process developed by JFrog
  • Azure Active Directory - TeamCity user authentication via login to Azure AD
  • Cadence vManager - build runner to execute remote API calls to Cadence vManager
  • Crowd Authentication - plugin for TeamCity to allow user login through Atlassian Crowd. (blog post, announcement)

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    {hidden-data}related issue: []{hidden-data}

  • Graphite Integration - sends various build, code and test metrics (including FxCop and OpenCover) to Graphite/StatsD.
  • JMeter - integrate with JMeter for performance testing within builds and displaying trends.

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    {hidden-data}unpublished post draft: [] {hidden-data}

  • Rally - integrates TeamCity with Rally.
  • Leiningen - Clojure Leiningen plugin for on-the-fly stages, tests and artifacts reporting to TeamCity
  • VersionOne, download, sources - by VersionOne
  • WhiteSource - integration with WhiteSource open-source licenses management solution
  • Sauce Labs - integrates TeamCity with Sauce Labs (sources)
  • SonarQube - a build runner to run Sonar code analysis and publish it to Sonar


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Not yet added/unsorted:

* [TeamCity Farm|] \- scripts the TeamCity server and agent deployment into Docker/VM images
* [CI Game|] \- (not yet functional)
* [CCMenu|] \- CCTray for Mac OS X with TeamCity support
* [build-whisperer|] \- might work with CC feed, needs testing.
* [Slack integration|]

Discontinued/Obsolete/no more available:
* [P4V Addin|] \- a Plugin for Perforce P4V to run TeamCity personal builds



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