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Version 9 of PhpStorm v9 brought significant improvements in configuring the interaction between PhpStorm and your debugger to interact correctly. This tutorial explain explains how to use the Web Server Debug Validation tool to solve any problems with your validation configuration. 


If you are having problems configuring your debugger (either Xdebug or Zend Debugger), you can use the Web Server Debug Validation tool to solve common problems with your debug configuration. The tool can be started by using selecting the Run | Web Server Debug Validation option from the menu.


If you are using a local web server for development, or a network shared folder (for example, a Vagrant box), then you only need to configure the local Path to create the validation script, and theUrl URL to validation script. These need to match up, so that the path on the local file system (or shared folder) needs to match the url URL used to call that script on your web server. In the screenshot above, the webroot of the project is the public folder, and the site can be loaded via the local ip IP address on port 8080. Once these paths match, we can hit click the Validate button.

Remote Web Server


If your files are local, but your web server is remote to your development system, then you'll need to select the Remove Web Server radio button , and configure the remote web server. The Path to create validation script  should should again be the path to the webroot within your project. You'll need to have a Deployment configured in PhpStorm for this project. For more information on creating a Deployment, see the Deploying PHP applications with PhpStorm tutorial. 

Once we've created and selected After creating and selecting the Deployment, we can hit click the Validate button.

Validation Results


There has been a problem connecting to your web server. Make sure that the url URL (and port) are correct; these are provided to your web server either in the Url URL to validation script option or within your Deployment is correct.



check that web path to validation script is correctly configured for...

The Path to create validation script within the local project does not map to the Url URL to validation script or Deployment url URL option. If you are using a framework and/or the PHP built-in web server, this is likely to be because the framework is sending a 404 instead of sending the actual file in that directory. A quick way to test that is to create a test.php file in the directory you have set as the Path to create validation script, and then check that that file is callable from the Url the URL to validation script or Deployment url with test.php appended. 

For example, if your Path to create validation script is /var/www/public, then you should create a test.php in that folder with the contents, for example, of

Code Block
<?php echo 'test works';

If your Url your URL to validation script or Deployment url URL is then, then you should be able to call that script by visiting, and see the output "test works".

If you are seeing a 404 generated by your framework, then your url URL rewriting is wrongly configured, and you should consult your framework's documentation to ensure that the url URL rewriting configuration will return real files if they exist before sending any other requests to your framework dispatcher.

If you're seeing a 404 and you are using PHP's built-in web server, it's likely because you cannot configure this web server to server files on the file system if they exist. You'll need to add the following code to the file you are sending all requests to (typically index.php) in order to send file system files if they exist:


Remote host is configured as 'localhost' despite server host is probably not local

The "URL to validation script" contains something different from localhost, but the xdebug.remote_host value is not set and so is using the default value of localhost, or is set to localhost or


In this instance, the validation script has been created and called so the validation can be deemed successful (even though we have some problems). The validator is telling us that my remote host (localhost) does not match the url URL I'm using to call the validation script ( and this might be a problem. It's also telling us that while Xdebug is installed, and is configured to be running on the same port that PhpStorm is expecting (9000), the Remote debug setting is not enabled so we won't get any debug information.