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PHP Completion


WI-551 (Feature)

After "$this", I would like it if Code Completion would offer me "->"

WI-28049 (Usability Problem)

Postfix completion also triggers in double-quoted strings

WI-27981 (Bug)

Postfix completion: null and notnull templates

PHP Refactoring


WI-27936 (Bug)

Error in simplify if and converting to ?:

PHP debug


WI-27974 (Usability Problem)

Import from deployment: add link to help page

WI-27927 (Bug)

Additional info in debug is not expanded on click on (...) on MacOSX

PHP lang


WI-27840 (Usability Problem)

Live Templates is not expanded after . (dot)

WI-27571 (Bug)

Null Coalesce Operator auto-inserts bool as type hint

WI-27961 (Bug)

Wrong PHPDoc insert during generating override method

No subsystem


WEB-17198 (Bug)

Extremely slow syntax analysis for JS

File System


IDEA-142174 (Performance Problem)

Replace list with set to resolve linear scan on list remove

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-17182 (Bug)

DOMTokenList has wrong method signatures

User Interface


IDEA-142584 (Bug)

Invalidate Caches: Message reads strange, Window layout could be better