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WIP plugin contest participants

* [teamcity-vsix-gallery|] !pc2015.gif! [!winner.git!|] - Turns TeamCity into a Visual Studio Extensions (vsix) Gallery
* [DisableAllAgents|] !pc2015.gif! - Solves this issue [TW-6006|a] Adds ability to bulk disable/enable all agents
* [EnvInject Plugin|] !pc2015.gif! - An EnvInject plugin for Teamcity. The inspiration is from Basically there will be teams/companies that have their environment variables in some properties files which should be initialised on Builds. This plugin provides a runner for this purpose
* [Chuck Norris Teamcity Plugin|] !pc2015.gif! - Chuck Norris will inspect all your builds and approve or disapprove them. If build fails and Chuck disapproves it you should fix it ASAP, remember about the roundhouse kick. Inspired by Jenkins Chuck Norris plugin (
* [TargetProcess|] !pc2015.gif! - A TeamCity issue tracket plugin which integrates with TargetProcess
* [TeamCity password reset plugin|] !pc2015.gif! [!winner.git!|] - This plugin adds a 'password reset' link to login screen and allows you to reset password without disturbing The TeamCity Administrator.
* [teamcity-webhooks|] !pc2015.gif! [!winner.git!|] - A plugin POST-ing JSON payload upon build finish to a number of registered HTTP listeners. Each payload contains build name, number, status, Git details (sha/repo/branch) and possibly artifacts URLs, downloadable from TeamCity and/or AWS S3 (if set up this way).
* [tc-radiate|] !pc2015.gif! - A simple meme-related JavaScript build radiator for TeamCity
* [DotNetBuild|] !pc2015.gif! - My plugin adds a custom build runner to TeamCity. DotNetBuild is a C# task runner which itself is also written in C#. DotNetBuild build scripts can be created as either precompiled assemblies or as scriptcs files. More info about DotNetBuild itself can be found on
* [Web Ssh|] !pc2015.gif! [!winner.git!|] - Plugin for connecting to ssh via web ssh directly from Teamcity
* [teamcity-highlighter|] !pc2015.gif! - TeamCity plugin that allows to highlight key info for a running build on Build Overview pages using TeamCity service messages.
* [xUnit test runner|] !pc2015.gif! - A xUnit runner for TeamCity. Supports tests written with xUnit 1.9.2 and 2.0.0, also supports wildcard include and exclude patterns.
* [Unified Push Notifier|] !pc2015.gif! - With this plugin you can send build states via push notifications with Aerogear's Unified Push Server (
* [Bisect|] !pc2015.gif! - Adds special tab on a build page from where you can run an automatic bisect. Progress and results are also displayed on that tab."
* [Server Configurations|] !pc2015.gif! - Plugin helps you store and use server configurations with list of parameters. In administration screen you could create templates and server configurations with unlimited list of parameters (addresses, ports, credentials, etc). Then you could choose server in your project and use all parameters in build configurations. At any time you can select another server in project without reconfiguring build configurations and changing any parameters.
* [TeamCity One-time Passwords Plugin|] !pc2015.gif! - The plugin allows you to log into your TeamCity via one-time passwords. Documentation link - Getting started link -
* [Teamciy Yammer Notifier|] !pc2015.gif! - A configurable TeamCity plugin that enables notifications to be sent to Yammer group and users. Source Code/Doc: Plugin Zip:
* [SourceForge Integration|] !pc2015.gif! - This is a plugin for TeamCity that integrates SourceForge as issue tracker.
* [Ansible Runner|] !pc2015.gif! - TeamCity build runner plugin for running ansible-playbook. Adds 'Ansible' runner type to new build step creation dialog and 'Ansible Log' tab to build result pages.
* [Parameter Finder|] !pc2015.gif! - This plug-in's purpose is to search for user defined tools and make agent parameters for them.
* [TeamCity TargetProcess Issue Tracker plugin|] !pc2015.gif! - This project creates a TeamCity Plugin to communicate with TargetProcess issue tracker. Tested on TeamCity 9.0.4 Link:
* [teamcity-plugin-jmh|] !pc2015.gif! - This plugin help you to work with jmh framework. JMH is a Java harness for building, running, and analysing nano/micro/milli/macro benchmarks written in Java and other languages targeting the JVM. Plugin run benchmarks on the agent side and collect results for further displaying them on build tab named "Benchmark".
* [todo-teamcity-plugin|] !pc2015.gif! - This TeamCity plugin provides a new build runner, which will scan the files in your project and build a report with 'todo's based on that.
* [NDepend plugin for TeamCity (works with v8 and v9)|] !pc2015.gif! - NDepend plugin for TeamCity (works with v8 and v9)
* [Microsoft SDKs|] !pc2015.gif! - This plugin extends TeamCity Build Agent with Configuration Parameters based on the Microsoft SDKs installed on computer running the Build Agent.
* [Fitnesse plugin|] !pc2015.gif! - This plugin helps with integration of FitNesse test and TeamCity.
* [Cadence vManager Plugin|] !pc2015.gif! - This plugin adds an ability to perform REST over HTTP calls to Cadence vManager as a step in your build.
* [Continuous Integration Dashboard|] !pc2015.gif! - A dashboard to display build information from TeamCity (and other CI's). Each authenticated user can create his own customised view, aggregating build results in project panels for easier visualisation.
* [Team Piazza|] !pc2015.gif! - Piazza is a build monitor plugin for the JetBrains TeamCity continuous integration server. Piazza provides a high-visibility display of the current state of the build to alert the team as soon as the build breaks.
* [Puppet TeamCity Manager|] !pc2015.gif! - Configures TeamCity Projects, Build Configurations and VCS Roots via Puppet. Puppet module: Sync module (C#):
* [TFS WorkItem Plugin|] !pc2015.gif! - A plugin to get TFS workitem details (pre REST API) and map user TFS source control root. Note this is a re-work of the original plugin to use native TFS libraries instead of calling a process to get the details.

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