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Build 2021.2.12

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14 Fixed issues
14 Fixed issues
  • SCL-18693 False Unknown artifact inspection message
  • SCL-19167 Optimize imports in twirl template removes @-character from import declaration
  • SCL-19249 Slow operations are prohibited on EDT (in formatting?)
  • SCL-17436 Introduce integration with package search plugin
  • SCL-19257 'sbt with bloop' import does not include the `scala-library` in the classpath, failing to import
  • SCL-19202 Project from Existing Source: "enable debugging" UI element is not shown while hint icon is show
  • SCL-18966 scala3: enum cases are marked as "Class must either be declared abstract or implement abstract member 'canEqual(that: Any): Boolean'
  • SCL-19230 BSP import should trigger workspace/reload BSP request
  • SCL-7955 Implicit parameter is not picked up
  • SCL-18982 Fix InsertGapIntoStringIntention
  • SCL-19252 Add derevo library
  • SCL-19255 Complete freeze following any editor action makes IDE unusable
  • SCL-19135 Enum case must implement `ordinal`
  • SCL-19270 Severity setting not applied to Updating Library Dependency to Newer Stable Version Inspection

Build 2021.2.10

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12 Fixed issues
12 Fixed issues
  • SCL-13853 Auto-import of missing implicit arguments / conversions
  • SCL-19022 No "extends" keyword autocompletion in Scala 3 code
  • SCL-19124 Autocompletion doesn't work for typeclasses with 2+ parameters
  • SCL-19125 scala 3 sdk is not found among the scala sdks after downloading (or even not downloaded)
  • SCL-17273 An ability to create Scala 3 SDKs automatically
  • SCL-19147 New 'Replace with *' refactoring for -Xsource:3 users makes broken code
  • SCL-19164 theme is not applied to the "select scala sdk" dialog title bar
  • SCL-18643 debugger: value hints are not shown at usage place like in java
  • SCL-19161 Scala SDK version selection dialog: hard too see that there are Scala3 versions in the dropdown list
  • SCL-19062 support evaluation of top level methods
  • SCL-19130 Integrate Package Search APIs to search for dependencies directly from editor
  • SCL-17018 "No Scala (version) in the Ivy repository" exception thrown when cancelling scala download via Ivy

Build 2021.2.9

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4 Fixed issues
4 Fixed issues
  • SCL-18468 Download Scala SDK: incorrect windows size
  • SCL-17273 An ability to create Scala 3 SDKs automatically
  • SCL-18841 merge dotty and scala in new project wizard
  • SCL-18984 ConvertToCurlyBracesIntention: offer intention when cursor is after parenthesis

Build 2021.2.8

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12 Fixed issues
12 Fixed issues
  • SCL-17835 Folding: always show "..." on the same line
  • SCL-18809 scala3: handle `-no-indent` compiler option
  • SCL-18931 trailing commas are always highlighted as errors for `*.scala` files inside `project/` folder (sbt)
  • SCL-18826 convert multiline raw string to "string" doesn't work
  • SCL-19017 formatting uses wrong indentation for interpolated string margin char after changing interpolator
  • SCL-19058 AppliedTypeLambdaCanBeSimplified: Does not work without kind projector
  • SCL-18490 Support debugging of top level methods
  • SCL-18880 support debugging of @main methods
  • SCL-19068 Scala 3 SDK is not recognized in Maven project
  • SCL-18986 ComparingLengthIntention: use new sizeIs syntax
  • SCL-19065 worksheet compiler errors are not reported in the Build tool window with Scala 2.12.13
  • SCL-19063 delete ConcealedApplyCall inspection

Build 2021.1.21

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2 Fixed issues
2 Fixed issues
  • SCL-19004 Infinite freeze when typing scala type, have to Force-Quit
  • SCL-18996 "Comparing unrelated types" when comparing two `newtypes` from zio-prelude

Build 2021.2.7

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61 Fixed issues
61 Fixed issues
  • SCL-18806 Build fails with JDK-16 RC2 (InaccessibleObjectException)
  • SCL-18193 Illegal reflective access by com.intellij.util.ReflectionUtil to method java.util.ResourceBundle.setParent(java.util.ResourceBundle)
  • SCL-18722 PropertyMapping annotation specifies 4 parameters, but constructor of accepts 3
  • SCL-15854 IDE doesn't provide a code completion suggestion for the 'extends' keyword while I'm trying to create a class inside a local scope (method)
  • SCL-18685 Scala Plugin saves file on every keystroke
  • SCL-16345 Errors at scalafmt download attempt after changing to it in settings
  • SCL-16431 Unapplied method should not have function type
  • SCL-9650 Incorrect indent after newline in definitions
  • SCL-18785 sbt 1.4.8 missing from new project dropdown
  • SCL-15725 Redundant val / var binding: offer a quick fix to remove the binding only
  • SCL-18947 update Play2 project template to use sbt 1.x
  • SCL-18865 code style settings are unusable with small settings window height
  • SCL-17834 Folding: allow to fold val and val, not just def
  • SCL-18827 Type presentation: use type aliases where appropriate (at least for scala.Seq)
  • SCL-18969 "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scala/collection/compat/immutable/LazyList$"
  • SCL-18373 Expose compiler error highlighting option for BSP
  • SCL-18671 Scala artifacts migration from Bintray to Maven Central
  • SCL-17841 Unused expression inspection: support references
  • SCL-18532 stackoverflow on Typers.scala in scala/scala project
  • SCL-19004 Infinite freeze when typing scala type, have to Force-Quit
  • SCL-18955 bad "unused import statement" in inner scopes after code editing
  • SCL-18830 scala 3 parser: soft keywords are not parsed when defined as a first element of indentation block
  • SCL-18857 Use new typearg annotations also for functions calls
  • SCL-18977 scala3 indentation based syntax: Enter & Backspace handling
  • SCL-18852 Can't run tests in IDEA because of Scala Plugin
  • SCL-18970 Remove all early initializes from our code base
  • SCL-18769 scala3 parser: if-then-else parsed wrongly with intended then keyword
  • SCL-18915 Parser errors in .tasty files
  • SCL-18913 scala3: do not add `()` after completion, if method has only `using` parameters
  • SCL-18766 IntelliJ 2020.3.2 scalac: Error: org.jetbrains.jps.incremental.scala.remote.ServerException
  • SCL-17818 inspections: support @deprecatedOverriding, @deprecatedInheritance, @deprecatedName annotations
  • SCL-17828 support foldings for braceless blocks in Scala 3 syntax
  • SCL-18600 Scala plugin doesn't honor `@unused` annotations
  • SCL-17810 Don't add an extra indent at the next line after `case ... => exp`
  • SCL-18989 ExpandPatternIntention: Not able to invoke
  • SCL-17130 Canonize infix call fails in case of 2 operators
  • SCL-18980 AdjustTypesIntention is to hard to invoke
  • SCL-18499 Warn when a boxed java type is passed as argument to Option
  • SCL-18985 ConvertToTypedPatternIntention: Doesn't work for generic types
  • SCL-18986 ComparingLengthIntention: use new sizeIs syntax
  • SCL-18987 AddStripMarginToMLStringIntention cannot be invoked on strings with actual margin
  • SCL-18881 update sample project to Scala 3.0.0-RC2
  • SCL-18801 Unable to open java file in LightEdit mode, UnsupportedOperationException occurs
  • SCL-18889 main method body in scala 3 example is folded
  • SCL-18676 Extra parenthesis showing up in intellij for Scala code
  • SCL-18965 scala3 code highlighting level is set to "Syntax" by default if compiler-based highlighting is disabled
  • SCL-18905 Auto-application to `()` is deprecated, but Inspection "java accessor method called as empty-paren"
  • SCL-18906 folding: do not hide package name when folding the package
  • SCL-18909 inconsistent code folding for definitions with `=` (def, var, val, this)
  • SCL-18802 Good code red: Tuple2 highlighted errors in match case
  • SCL-16204 Support java12 --enable-preview
  • SCL-18862 Don't highlight incomplete if-then-else as type mismatch
  • SCL-18795 Activities registered via registerPostStartupActivity must be dumb-aware
  • SCL-18791 @deprecatedName only works with symbol not with string
  • SCL-16288 Better search and sort ordering needed for "Class to import" dropdown
  • SCL-18698 -source / -target javacOptions from root sbt project shouldn't affect sub-projects during compilation
  • SCL-17909 Dotty: Formatting of class with braceless block with end is broken
  • SCL-18892 scala3 folding should include `end` marker
  • SCL-18996 "Comparing unrelated types" when comparing two `newtypes` from zio-prelude
  • SCL-18951 editor: can't manually type spaces after incomplete infix operator
  • SCL-16052 disable scala annotator in injected language fragments

Build 2021.1.20

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2 Fixed issues
2 Fixed issues
  • SCL-18969 "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scala/collection/compat/immutable/LazyList$"
  • SCL-18951 editor: can't manually type spaces after incomplete infix operator

Build 2021.1.18

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