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  • Hajipur 9.1 EAP2 (build 36518) Release Notes

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TeamCity already has a build feature, allowing you to update the AssemblyVersion, AssemblyFileVersion and AssemblyInformationalVersion attributes in AssemblyInfo files of a solution. The

Now we have a general purpose File content replacer enabling you to change a wider range of values for the duration of the build in files specified by the user: the new build feature, File Content Replacer, provides values pre-defined templates for patterns to replace a wider range of assembly attributes in the specified files. After the build is finishedsets for replacement; custom values can also be used. On build finishing, the changed source files are reverted.


Starting from this EAP, the NUnit Build runner supports NUnit 3.0.

Merged MSTest and VSTest

Multiple Artifact Directories Paths

Uni-directional Agent-Server Communication

By default, TeamCity stores build artifacts in <TeamCity data directory>/system/artifacts. Starting form this EAP, it is possible not only to configure the artifact path, but also to use multiple paths: the new-line delimited list of paths to artifact directories can be specified on the server Administration | Global Settings page. Absolute and relative paths are supported; the relative paths are relative to TeamCity Data Directory.

If a new build starts, its artifacts are published into the first directory in the list. When looking for artifacts of earlier builds, e.g. when resolving dependencies, TeamCity will go through the list of the artifact directories to locate the required artifact.

Per-branch Versioned Settings


ANSI-style coloring in build logs

TeamCity build logs now support 16 basic ANSI color escape sequences used by xterm-compatible terminals (see the x-term column in this table):

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Merged MSTest and VSTest

Other Improvements

  • Updated The bundled Ant has been updated to 1.9.5.
  • Bundled Java 8The bundled Java has been updated to version 8.
  • Powershell 5 is now supported
  • The TeamCity Web UI now allows specifying custom commandline parameters to pass to dotCover.
  • TeamCity REST API allows retrieving all snapshot dependencies for a queued or finished build