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No subsystem


IDEA-134323 (Usability Problem)

Go To -> Implementation(s) (Ctrl+Alt+B) displayed incorrect when the text cursor near the bottom of the screen

IDEA-139244 (Task)

Build artifact with content of "core" artifacts folder

IDEA-138918 (Bug)

IntelliJ 14.1.1 does not start after update

IDEA-137300 (Bug)

Unexpected duplicate classes

Build tools


WEB-16290 (Bug)

Gulp task runner does not set environment variables from default Gulp run configuration before parsing tasks in gulpfile

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-137404 (Bug)

Lambdas wrapping on parenthesis



WEB-14817 (Feature)

Integrate Dart's native (opinionated) formatter (dart_style)

WEB-16224 (Bug)

DART SDK updates with lower versions



WEB-15467 (Feature)

copy / paste debugger watch values as JSON string

WEB-16256 (Bug)

Debugger emits errors for io.js > 1.6.3

IDEA-138709 (Bug)

Evaluate Expression window: code completion popup suggests static methods for variables



IDEA-138359 (Bug)

Show regular diff dialog from "Navigate to File" instead of modal

IDEA-139223 (Bug)

Compare with window is modal

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-138431 (Bug)

Editor: Ctrl+Left / Right (arrow) does not skip over indent whitespace to prev/next token



IDEA-139406 (Bug)

Execute gradle task cannot handle properties with spaces



IDEA-138667 (Bug)

Save Groovy-Eclipse jar path setting as a system-independent name using path variables



IDEA-65437 (Feature)

Tomcat server console: support ANSI coloring



IDEA-138715 (Bug)

WebSphere deployment: make IDEA do not replace hyphen in deployed artifact name

IDEA-137191 (Bug)

Invalid status of redeployed application in WAS



WEB-16059 (Cosmetics)

JavaScript setting needs to say ES2015

WEB-6643 (Bug)

Custom code folding regions doesn't work when more than 2 level nesting on WebStorm #WB-121-390

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-16051 (Bug)

Wrong continuation indent for return statement in parentheses

WEB-7549 (Bug)

JS: 'Wrap when typing reaches right margin' option doesn't work

WEB-13918 (Bug)

Bad continuation indent inside JS function call

WEB-14259 (Bug)

Bad JS-Formatter within conditions



WEB-16236 (Bug)

Autocomplete for @-webkit-keyframes adds a second @ at the beginning



IDEA-139497 (Bug)

Unable to build project in 141.713



WEB-16190 (Bug)

Select path to Node.js automatically



IDEA-139319 (Bug)

Spring Boot: fix generated spring-configuration-metadata.json refresh when using builtin Make

IDEA-139348 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.spring.boot.application.metadata.SpringBootApplicationMetaConfigKey.matchesRelaxed



IDEA-135397 (Bug)

Thymeleaf SOE

Unit Tests


WEB-14366 (Bug)

Karma integration doesn't show test results if one of the browser launchers missing

User Interface


IDEA-138954 (Bug)

in debug window when click 'stop' the 're-run' buttons disappears for a short while causing all other buttons shift up and then down again

IDEA-137092 (Bug)

"Choose declaration" context menu can extend out of screen

IDEA-95271 (Bug)

Welcome screen: some error notifications are not available from the welcome screen

Version Control


IDEA-138181 (Usability Problem)

Push Dialog: "Edit all targets" should sync targets on enabling

IDEA-138180 (Bug)

Push Dialog: last target is invisible (if it has no commits to push)