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Windows installer


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Mac installer

Notable Changes

  • Now you can open more than one console per data source, and then quickly switch between them via the Files tool window, or the Recent Files menu, or the Navigation toolbar

  • Each console now has a schema switcher

  • To help you track and manage changes to the SQL code, we've equipped the console with the Local History toolwindow (can revert, too!)

  • Distraction Free Mode for when you only want to see the code editor. You can switch to this mode and back with a single key shortcut.

  • Git and Mercurial log viewers have been improved
  • HiDPI support for Windows and Linux is now available
  • The Mac installer doesn't require Java 6 anymore (works fine with Java 7 or 8.)
  • And, of course, there's more

Getting started

Be sure to check the documentation to learn how to quickly get started with 0xDBE.