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IDEA-97844 (Feature)

Resource bundle should be associated to file even written in constant

WEB-15327 (Feature)

Can you support server side includes in preview server

IDEA-108119 (Cosmetics)

Code folding should be disabled, when irrelevant

IDEA-136605 (Cosmetics)

Correct grammar on the page "Web Browsers"

IDEA-136763 (Bug)

TestStatusListener extensionPoint not called when running tests with SMRunner

IDEA-135073 (Bug)

IDEA can't download source but it exists in a remote repository

IDEA-136334 (Bug)

Cannot fetch remote documentation: Element: class com.intellij.psi.impl.source.PsiMethodImpl because: parent is null; stub=null invalidated at: see attachment

WEB-15308 (Bug)

WebStorm keeps re-indexing every few seconds (sad)

IDEA-136830 (Bug)

New reformat dialog: do not show optional label, if there is no available actions

IDEA-78557 (Bug)

Correctly process RuntimeExceptions thrown while generating documentation

IDEA-136615 (Bug)

Colors & fonts: background for white spaces is not updated

IDEA-136582 (Bug)

when creating a test with CTRL-Shift-T the default class level javadoc is not inserted

WEB-15238 (Bug)

Syntax check for config.jscs.json reports "esprima" key as unknown

IDEA-136776 (Bug)

As of 14.1 IDEA Color & Font theme resets after every restart to default

IDEA-135891 (Exception) An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host



IDEA-136597 (Bug)

Android-Gradle: new project is created with no Project SDK specified

Build tools


WEB-15380 (Bug)

Grunt: alias tasks defined in load-grunt-config aliases.yaml aren't loaded

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-136363 (Cosmetics)

Useless tags in description of inspection issues

IDEA-23971 (Bug)

Warn on @NotNull nont-initialized fields in a class that has default constructor

IDEA-136580 (Bug)

"Contract violation" warnings are reported for manual method contract



WEB-15207 (Usability Problem)

Display default values in pop-up dart docs

WEB-15109 (Bug)

Good Dart code red: switch statement with labels

WEB-15141 (Bug)

Dart doc pop up does not include generics

WEB-14847 (Bug)

Arrows in Dart quick docs render poorly for at least some OSes/Java Versions.

WEB-12674 (Bug)

When renaming a dart file that is part of a library also the entry in the library file should change.

WEB-14865 (Bug)

Debugger doesn't work for web applications

WEB-12895 (Bug)

Make better prediction for "choose declaration" for Dart (jump to 'part of')



IDEA-88363 (Usability Problem)

Database table editor: Shift+Enter could open multiline editor even in not editing mode

IDEA-63267 (Usability Problem)

Database table editor: inconsistent moving of focus with Enter/Shift+Enter (not in cell editing mode)



IDEA-97477 (Feature)

"Pretty print" variable values copied from the debugger

IDEA-136698 (Usability Problem)

Join "Export Threads" and "Get thread dump" actions

IDEA-136722 (Bug)

Copying bean fields from Variables debugger frame is broken

IDEA-136606 (Bug)

Debug: View values in editor - slow for huge arrays

IDEA-72849 (Bug)

Debugger doesn't display unicode characters properly

IDEA-136612 (Bug)

Allow to hide package name in frames view



IDEA-136694 (Cosmetics)

Diff view: the labels appear too close to the window border

IDEA-128038 (Bug)

Diff dialog for added jar file - use the same component as for updated jar

IDEA-136679 (Bug)

Can't move diff splitter if filename is long

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-111888 (Usability Problem)

Deleting a quote removes matching quote, even with 'Insert pair quote' Smart Key turned off

IDEA-108784 (Cosmetics)

Shivering cursor in Quick Definition View and on line numbers in Diff/Merge tool

IDEA-136319 (Bug)

Hungry Backspace intermittent strange behavior since upgrade to 14.0.3

IDEA-136397 (Bug)

Close brace in try resource block

IDEA-136536 (Bug)

Incomplete code deleted when cursor moved

IDEA-125512 (Bug)

switch case doesn't indent properly

IDEA-112705 (Bug)

vertical indent guides should not be stopped by comment lines

IDEA-136452 (Bug)

Can't surround with {} code starting from the comment under if statement



IDEA-134978 (Bug)

Good Groovy code red - traits with Generic

IDE Configuration


IDEA-136382 (Bug)

Bundled custom file types disappear

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-136624 (Bug)

Bad pluralization in suggested names

IDEA-136777 (Bug)

Generate getters and setters does not respect field name prefix

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-136717 (Bug)

JDK 8 method reference support: wrong "Cannot resolve method"

IDEA-136628 (Bug)

God lambda red when exception handler calls method throwing exception

IDEA-136527 (Bug)

Java/Editor incorrectly reports "Inconvertible types"

IDEA-75628 (Bug)

Invalid error report in the JPA code

IDEA-135937 (Bug)

"Might not have been initialized" in lambdas

IDEA-135791 (Bug)

Type inference broken for lambda block using try-with-resources

Java. Intention Actions


IDEA-136851 (Bug)

Nullity annotation at wrong place for generated setter



IDEA-136603 (Feature)

IDEA does not warn if annotated with @Nullable local variable is used for @NotNull parameter method

IDEA-136642 (Bug)

'for' loop replaceable with 'foreach' on list iterator and stream API fails

IDEA-136805 (Bug)

False alarm "Call to Thread.sleep() while synchronized" inspection

IDEA-136163 (Bug)

Incorrect hint: "Can be replaced with method reference" for an implicit lambda short->int conversion

IDEA-136680 (Bug)

"Unnecessary fully-qualified name" inspection too eager in Javadoc

IDEA-136675 (Bug)

Field may be static false positive if initialization expression of a final field has non static method call



WEB-14964 (Feature)

Create Babel File watcher configuration

IDEA-136652 (Bug)

Packages prefix to reference java classes in Nashorn

WEB-13589 (Bug)

JSDoc: provide type checking/completion for parameters in function that implements interface method

WEB-13845 (Bug)

JSDoc: type mismatch errors when using function new type to specify the constructed type of a constructor

WEB-15256 (Bug)

Incorrect reserved word used as a name

WEB-13877 (Bug)

PsiEquivalenceUtil.areElementsEquivalent must not be null

WEB-13900 (Bug)

Assigned expression type string is not assignable to type T

WEB-15362 (Exception)

JSDoc: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when print parameter name on Russian

WEB-15361 (Exception)

Closure Compiler: NullPointerException when use certain @param syntax

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-136689 (Task)

Do not replace WebStorm stable with WebStorm EAP in Mac OS Launchpad

IDEA-136787 (Bug)

MacOS: Selecting SNAPSHOT as IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK fails

Plugin Support. API


IDEA-109043 (Feature)

Using JavaFX 2 for developing Plugins UI



WEB-14911 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: Heap: improve tabs naming

WEB-14910 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: Heap: long URLs should be shown shorter

WEB-15328 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: CPU: improve time stamp for the log file

WEB-15395 (Usability Problem)

Profiling: Heap: provide "Take Heap Snapshot" action for Run Configuration

WEB-14951 (Bug)

Profiling: Heap: Many odd objects are shown for the Heap snapshot from the Chrome Canary

WEB-15173 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: Timeline: prohibit empty x range selection

WEB-15389 (Bug)

Profiling: Tools: V8 Profiling menu group should be dumb aware

WEB-15400 (Bug)

Profiling: Heap: context menu invoked for Search results should not use selection from other tabs

WEB-15396 (Bug)

Profiling: Heap: Remove Mark should update all tabs at once

WEB-15330 (Bug)

Profiling: CPU: do not delete .log file on IDE restart

WEB-15398 (Exception)

Profiling: Heap: Summary: IOOBE on expanding child nodes of top groups

WEB-15394 (Exception)

Profiling: Heap: validate name of the created snapshot



WEB-15305 (Bug)

Import of compass isn't resolved in sass.erb files



IDEA-44071 (Usability Problem)

SQL: typing opening quote does not insert closing quote in hexadecimal and binary strings (literals)

IDEA-44159 (Bug)

SQL: MySQL: bit literals in form 0bvalue are red

IDEA-136754 (Bug)

MySQL dialect marks COLLATE as error



DBE-1125 (Bug)

Formatting issues in MySQL's quickdoc

DBE-1128 (Bug)

Add live template on the fly



IDEA-136678 (Bug)

Spring Boot: custom application configuration properties of Map type are shown as errors if List is used as map value



WEB-13904 (Bug)

Typescript: assigning "this" to another variable breaks typing.

WEB-15090 (Exception)

TypeScript Compiler: AssertionError on project dispose

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-136817 (Bug)

IU 2285.5 - IDEA junit runner fails with nullpointer

User Interface


IDEA-136669 (Usability Problem)

Select/deselect all methods for test

IDEA-135970 (Bug)

JDK9 still not working

IDEA-109618 (Bug)

File chooser doesn't show directories matched by "Ignored files and folders" patterns

User Interface.Darcula


IDEA-100249 (Usability Problem)

Darcula: default attributes for Javadoc

Version Control. Git


IDEA-116852 (Feature)

Implement filtering (speed search) in "VCS | Git | Compare with branch..."

IDEA-78347 (Usability Problem)

Option to use --full-history in file history

Version Control. Log


IDEA-118190 (Performance Problem)

VCS Log: Select All in a large repository freezes the UI forever

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-135398 (Bug)

Can't add filenames containing the ellipsis wildcard (...) error on attempt to refresh changes

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-134859 (Exception)

IAE at com.intellij.execution.process.BaseOSProcessHandler$SimpleOutputReader.<init>