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  • Filesystem Case-Sensitivity Mismatch

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Fixed in 2021.1, please see


What was that?

All IDEs based on IntelliJ platform have a global setting telling whether to treat file systems as case-sensitive. The setting depends on OS: by default, Mac OS X and Windows are case-insensitive, Linux and friends are case-sensitive.


You can either move your projects, or tell an IDE to change it's its mind.
For the latter add the following line to IDE_HOME/bin/ file (Help | Edit Custom Properties, see "Configuring platform properties" for more details):

Code Block

Use true if your projects are located on case-sensitive FS, false otherwise. Then choose File | Invalidate Caches and restart the IDE.

That's all?

Nope. Setting the global property is a temporary solution; vote/watch this issue to be notified when a permanent fix will be in place.