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  • IntelliJ IDEA 14 139.223.8 Release Notes

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No subsystem


IDEA-132162 (Bug)

MacOSX: after starting IDEA 14 with IDEA 13 configs the non-bundled plugins are not imported and are lost completely

Product Documentation


IDEA-114588 (Task)

Spring tool window: provide context help

Project Configuration


IDEA-132024 (Bug)

Mac OS: on importing settings from previous IDEA version plugins are not imported

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-120630 (Bug)

Cannot execute unit tests in forkMode=class

User Interface


IDEA-129108 (Task)

"Create Desktop Entry" wizard step

Version Control


IDEA-132149 (Bug)

Changes -> Log view does not works for projects with many modules

IDEA-132090 (Bug)

Using F6 to move changes between change lists does not work anymore