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The plugin is bundled since TeamCity 10.0. Recent versions are described in the online documentation for the appropriate TeamCity version.

TODO: update the link with the TDCL key once TC 10 is out

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TeamCity vSphere integration allows using TeamCity agent cloud features with VMWare vSphere and vCenter installation. It requires configuring TeamCity with your VMWare vSphere/vCenter account and then handles automatic creation/starting/stopping/deleting of the virtual machines with TeamCity agents on-demand, based on the queued builds.



 The plugin requires a write access for vSphere/vCenter via API, which is available in the licensed versions; the API support of free versions is limited to read-only  access.

Before you can start using vSphere integration, you need to create a Virtual Machine with the TeamCity Build Agent installed and set to start automatically. Also, you need to manually point the agent to an existing TeamCity server with the vSphere plugin installed and start build agent to let the build agent download the plugins.



Install the plugin as described here


TeamCity Versions Compatibility

TeamCity 8.1+

The plugin allows you to:

  • select the type of behavior:
    • either to start/stop an existing virtual machine
    • or clone a virtual machine or a template, deleting the clone once it becomes idle (when the build is finished or an idle timeout elapses, depending on the profile settings)
  • select a virtual machine snapshot to start
  • specify the folder for clones and the resource pool where your machine will be allocated
  • configure the maximum number of started instances .


The following steps are required to set up TeamCity-VMware vSphere agent cloud integration:

  1. Download the TeamCity-VMware vSphere plugin.
  2. Install the plugin on the TeamCity Server.
  3. Create a virtual machine where your builds will run. Refer to the VMware vSphere web site for details on creating virtual machines.
  4. Make sure VMware Tools or Open VM Tools are installed. See VMware documentation.
  5. Prepare a Install a TeamCity agent.


    When configuring the TeamCity build agent, be sure to specify the valid TeamCity server URL in the build agent properties.

    1. If you want TeamCity to start/stop this machine on demand or to clone it, proceed to configuring the VMware cloud profile on the TeamCity server.
    2. If you want to create a template of this machine and clone it, refer to the VMware vSphere web site for details on creating templates and proceed to configuring the VMware cloud profile on the TeamCity server. Make sure to specify the valid vCenter SDK URL.

TeamCity Versions Compatibility

Since TeamCity 8.1.2


Teamcity VMware vSphere plugin


Continuous Integration

The current build status is
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