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  1. CMake
    1. CMake files editing
      • (red star) Commands completion in CMake files
    2. Automatic actions
      • (green star) CMake automatic reload
      • (red star) Update CMakeLists.txt files automatically when adding/deleting files
      • Update CMakeLists.txt files automatically on refactorings
        • (green star) Rename
        • (red star) Move/Extract Class/Copy/Safe delete/Pull members Up
    3. Parameters
      • (red star) Pass environment variable to CMake command in CLion
      • (red star) Pass parameters to CMake command in CLion
    4. Project structure
      • (red star) Consider header files as project file regardless of whether they are listed in the CMakeLists.txt files or not
      • (red star) (green star) Creating CMake project from existing source
  2. Toolchain
    1. (green star) MinGW-W64 support
  3. Language
    1. (red star) Use Clang annotator to highlight semantic errors in CLion
  4. (red star) Google Test support in CLion
  5. Debugger
    1. (red star) Support inspection of GNU STL collections during debug session
  6. (red star) Bundled code-style schemes
  7. (red star) Extend the list of Live Templates for C/C++
  8. (red star) New File templates
  9. (star) Bug fixing and performance improvements