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If you're updating from 0xDBE, restart it manually after the patch is downloaded.

Notable Changes

  • Transposed Mode, Zooming, Image Detection and lots of other UI improvements in the Table Editor and Results View

  • The Value and Documentation views have been merged. The value info is a part of the Quick Documentation view now

  • Now you can quickly switch between Docked and Floated modes in the Quick Documentation view (by pressing the same shortcut)
  • The button in the Quick Documentation view that calculates the number of rows

  • The Query Info button on the toolbar of the Table Editor and Results View

  • The Event Log improvements: execution statistics and failed statements information

  • The Auto-Commit default can be set per Data Source

  • The capability to run large SQL files (and MySQL dumps)
  • The Auto Increment option in the Create New&hellip dialog.

  • The Navigate to a Table/Procedure action via Ctrl+N (Cmd+N for OS X)

  • Faster schema loading for SQL Server
  • Better coding assistance for CROSS JOINs
  • The redesigned Settings dialog

And many more… See the full list of changes in the release notes.