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Basically, a feature-flag is a JVM '-D' start parameter that you must provide when you start your YouTrack Standalone EAP Build. You can provide these parameters either in the starting command (thus features will be enabled for the current session only) or in the configuration file of your JVM (thus you don't need to control constantly wether whether you have enabled the feature or not).


  • General. These feature-flags are binary, and allow only switching a feature on/off for your YouTrack Standalone server. That is, when such 'general' feature in enabled, it is available for all users on your server ('All Users' group).
  • Per User Group. These feature flags allow enabling features for both all users and specific user groups only. To enable a feature with such flag, you can use two methods: binary 'true' value and with a list of user groups, to which the feature should be available. For example:
    Code Block

For Read more information about YouTrack Java Start Parameters please refer to the corresponding page in the main documentation space.>

Currently Available Feature-Flags