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Java Start Parameter

Custom User Groups

New 'Geeky' UI



New Reports Screen



Canvas Image Tool



Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts



Multiple Drafts* (see the note below)




(warning) Attention!

  • The new 'AND' operator in search queries is enabled, by default, and is not controlled by any feature-flag.
  • Multiple Drafts feature is not yet available for evaluation but you must specify its feature-flag while starting YouTrack EAP build. Otherwise some features of the New UI (and hence, new reports) will be unavailable.

In any other regard, installation/running procedures are similar to those of the released builds.


For YouTrack InCloud users we have created the following EAP instance to try out the newest features:


(warning) What you need to know about this server

  • By default, all currently available features are enabled for all users.
  • This is Early Access Program, and we reserve the right to update the server as often as we see fit, without any additional announcement, and thus you might encounter a brief periods of downtime. Please be patient.
  • We might update the build, which runs on the hosted EAP instance, more often than we publish stand-alone EAP builds (e.g. for testing purposes), and thus the number of build on hosted instance and the number of the latest published stand-alone EAP build might be different.