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PhpStorm EAP 138.567 Release Notes

Injections in PHP


WI-534 (Feature)

Add support for Language Injection into PHP concatenated strings ('injected_language'.foo().'injected_language')

WI-15837 (Bug)

Choose Color dialog replaces heredoc with embedded array variable key

WI-7967 (Bug)

Language injection for concatenated strings with functions

WI-13319 (Bug)

Edit <Injected Language> corrupts PHP variables

WI-23628 (Bug)

NPE is thrown on typing concatenation operator after injected string

WI-14299 (Bug)

"Run Query in console" transforms special characters with underscores

WI-2450 (Bug)

Language injection into PHP literals: variables escaping vs target language

WI-23634 (Exception)

NPE is thrown on insertion of one pattern matched injected language into concatenated string with another injection language

PHP Formatter


WI-22136 (Bug)

Indentation in declare ticks block

WI-12562 (Bug)

Indentation inside isset()

WI-20319 (Bug)

No indent for array initialization and binary expression

WI-23086 (Bug)

unset() doesn't follow rules for functions

WI-22432 (Bug)

Reformat Code corrupts text in string literals when Function call arguments->New line after '(' ' is enabled

WI-22383 (Bug)

Incorrect positioning of the cursor on new line

PHP Inspections


WI-23561 (Bug)

"Update PHPDoc comment" inspection for empty PHPDoc

PHP debug


WI-23626 (Bug)

Breakpoint muting does not disable after run. Regression from 7.1.3 to EAP 8.

PHP lang


WI-22072 (Feature)

Ctrl+click does resolve callable method names when using Class_Name::class

WI-6439 (Usability Problem)

Code Style -> Spaces, needs special option for new empty ternary function ($var ?: false) - PHP 5.3

WI-18556 (Cosmetics)

Find usage should classify usage in use statement

WI-7505 (Bug)

Update of phpdoc comment doesn't use existing imports

PHP lib stubs


WI-23553 (Bug)

Update openssl headers

PHP test


WI-17559 (Usability Problem)

The IDE_PHPUnit_Framework_TestListener does not print "previous" exception stack trace

WI-19876 (Cosmetics)

PHPUnit On Server: special characters are not transformed

PS specific


WI-10554 (Bug)

Ctrl+/ works incorrect for javascript code

No subsystem


IDEA-68916 (Feature)

"Zoom" for Mac OS

IDEA-125862 (Feature)

Provide an ability for running tests from the recent files

IDEA-125899 (Usability Problem)

Required column type constraints are not obvious in table creation wizard

DBE-26 (Usability Problem)

'Tab' press should make the next field editable in database editor

IDEA-125749 (Usability Problem)

Create New Class Dialog - Pressing 'e' in Kind selects 'Interface' instead of 'Enum'

IDEA-124913 (Cosmetics)

Remove 'support' from compass support configurable

IDEA-125565 (Cosmetics)

Start from Scratch: Customize IDEA dialog: UI Themes page looks bad on Linux

IDEA-125551 (Bug)

Start From Scratch: Customize IDEA dialog: JBoss plugin should not appear in JavaFrameworks group

WI-10478 (Bug)

Feature request: Language injection in Smarty templates

IDEA-125693 (Bug)

Creating a project in dir '~/Desktop/test' creates the project in the dir '/Applications/IntelliJ IDEA 13'

DBE-30 (Bug)

HSQLDB: database console is not opened if first executed statement does not retrieve data

IDEA-124023 (Bug)

Update dialog does not link to web page

IDEA-125992 (Bug)

"Rerun failed tests" should not rerun skipped tests

IDEA-125649 (Bug)

Pycharm 3.1.3 freezes periodically

IDEA-114252 (Bug)

WebStorm clipboard history conflicts with external clipboard manager (ClipMenu)

IDEA-123031 (Bug)

Import sources and docs for module level libraries

IDEA-125566 (Bug)

Start From Scratch: can't close Customize IDEA dialog

Build tools


WEB-12330 (Bug)

Grunt tool window fails to load Gruntfile tasks, when an " " is in the path

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-59850 (Usability Problem)

Improved scopes for "Reformat Code"

Code Navigation


IDEA-125498 (Bug)

Search Everywhere: sometimes after navigation the list of search results reappears in the left corner of the screen



IDEA-104484 (Bug)

Console ExceptionFilters are added twice for debugging java app



IDEA-125414 (Feature)

database structure: provide navigation from foreign keys

IDEA-126055 (Bug)

Change of column type from database tool does not set the correct sql

IDEA-106745 (Bug)

HTML double escape

IDEA-116671 (Bug)

Database Table Editor: pressing Tab while filling with values inserted row leaves editing mode

IDEA-125716 (Bug)

Database view: index coloring missing on a column

IDEA-126015 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: Functions with 10 args or more generate invalid SQL



IDEA-125745 (Cosmetics)

Controls on breakpoints dialog resize differently

IDEA-125558 (Bug)

new debugger: double result in evaluate expression

WEB-11678 (Bug)

JavaScript debug: step into and step over do not change the line

IDEA-125645 (Bug)

On breakpoint hit, opens file in new tab in "active" split – even if file is already open in tab in "inactive" split

IDEA-125823 (Bug)

Watches pane: Adding/removing variable not possible when dragged out

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-39879 (Feature)

Background color and gutter stripe color for bookmarks should be configurable

IDEA-125470 (Bug)

While in editor, wild re-displaying occurs when soft wraps are enabled

File System


IDEA-90008 (Exception)

LocalFileSystem.addRootToWatch does not check whether file is local

File Watchers


WEB-9846 (Bug)

File Watchers: dismissing the watcher doesn't work from the first attempt



WEB-12316 (Performance Problem)

PhpStorm performing awful when typing in HTML zones in PHP files

IDE Configuration


IDEA-123767 (Feature)

re-download already downloaded the plugin

IDEA-123787 (Cosmetics)

"No live templates selected" label in multiple selection

IDEA-121369 (Bug)

"Required plugin not enabled" notification, enable plugins -> no restart hint

IDEA-124362 (Bug)

No scrollbar in Settings | Code Style | General



WEB-12274 (Usability Problem)

"Quick-Documentation" Action should include type information

WEB-12273 (Bug)

'Evaluate Expression Type' action does not show type parameters

WEB-12276 (Bug)

Order of generic type parameters is not honored

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-12307 (Usability Problem)

JSHint: Settings: provide warning for invalid path defined for config file

WEB-12412 (Bug)

Inspections: Code quality tools quick fix opens Settings dialog for each item

WEB-12306 (Bug)

JSHint: update config path if file was moved/deleted

WEB-12296 (Bug)

jshintignore: wrong exclusion for "test/*/.defs.js" pattern

WEB-12348 (Bug)

Quick fixes not always working in Inspection window

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-95949 (Security Problem)

OS X: code signature doesn't include jar files, leading to potential malicious code distribution with JetBrains signature

Project View


IDEA-125442 (Usability Problem)

Strip .java from classname when creating new class

IDEA-125292 (Bug)

Copy Reference: inconsistent behavior

Remote Interpreters


RUBY-15391 (Bug)

IDE freezes when opening a Rails project with remote interpreter



WEB-12382 (Bug)

Sass/Refactor: cannot rename identifiers including back-slash.



IDEA-94887 (Usability Problem)

SQL: Oracle: code completion suggests nothing for (NOT) MEMBER and (NOT) SUBMULTISET conditions

IDEA-80262 (Usability Problem)

SQL: code completion : show often (or recently) used items at the completion list top, as in Java

IDEA-126066 (Bug)

H2: rename table not parsed correctly

IDEA-125848 (Bug)

SQL: Inspections: DB2: no inspection when adding not null column to table filled with values

IDEA-120314 (Bug)

Mysql modify column does not auto-complete column name

IDEA-126089 (Bug)

PostgreSQL: code completion: types are not suggested for the first entry in file

IDEA-109883 (Bug)

SQL: wrong suggestion in boolean expressions

Task Management


IDEA-85274 (Bug)

Tasks: the detached editors are not affected by context change

Unit Testing. JUnit


IDEA-126045 (Bug)

Run several selected methods doesn't work anymore

IDEA-125857 (Bug)

Goto Test -> "Run Selected test" not working

Version Control


IDEA-124082 (Bug)

Commit dialog does not default to correct Changelist

IDEA-125710 (Bug)

Wrong selection behavior in file history window

Version Control. Git


IDEA-125609 (Bug)

Built-in Git SSH executable ignores IDEA http proxy settings

IDEA-114011 (Bug)

Github plugin doesn't work over http

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-124347 (Bug)

Master Password prompt still appears even though Do not remember passwords is selected

IDEA-75768 (Bug)

Mercurial not saved checks in Update dialog

IDEA-106435 (Bug)

It's impossible update without merging