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This module contains the standard identifier operation rules. You can usually use the IdentifierBody rule to form an identifier for your language.

Code Block
syntax module Identifiers
  regex LetterCharacter           = [Lu, Ll, Lt, Lm, Lo, Nl];
  regex CombiningCharacter        = [Mn, Mc];
  regex DecimalDigitCharacter     = [Nd];
  regex ConnectingCharacter       = [Pc];
  regex FormattingCharacter       = [Cf];

  regex IdentifierStartCharacter  = LetterCharacter | "_";
  regex IdentifierPartCharacters  = LetterCharacter
                                  | DecimalDigitCharacter
                                  | ConnectingCharacter
                                  | CombiningCharacter
                                  | FormattingCharacter;
  regex IdentifierBody            = IdentifierStartCharacter

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