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WEB-11264 (Feature)

Grunt: support task targets for multi-tasks

WEB-11343 (Feature)

Grunt: run all tasks selected in the tree together

WEB-11303 (Feature)

Grunt: support force and verbose options

WEB-11322 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: provide Help button

WEB-11321 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: provide Close button on toolbar

WEB-11260 (Usability Problem)

Grunt: inform user about selected invalid/inappropriate file

IDEA-121826 (Bug)

Link to IDE in 'License Upgrade Needed' popup doesn't work

IDEA-88443 (Bug)

Run Inspection by Name: Inspections with same name are only shown once



WEB-11312 (Bug)

noinspection CssInvalidHtmlTagReference not working on style tag



IDEA-120027 (Feature)

Import Git-cloud apps from sources



WEB-11287 (Bug)

debugging stack/variable/watch views do not appear in Webstorm 134.1361

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-122068 (Bug)

Unknown plugin error

IDEA-121966 (Bug)

Multiple-Cursor Jumpy

IDEA-121896 (Bug)

Delete key doesn't delete CRLF while using multiple carets



IDEA-121928 (Bug)

Grails 2.3.7 reloading is broken in IntelliJ 13.0.2



IDEA-120255 (Bug)

hibernate annotation processor does not work correctly in idea 13

IDEA-121892 (Bug)

Hibernate console: after Tab in code completion list truncated query is executed



IDEA-119597 (Bug)

Management port configuration not found: distinguish native / http



IDEA-120277 (Bug)

IDEA 134.945 WebSphere: Error while creating a project

IDEA-118202 (Bug)

Unable to create default run configuration from Welcome / Configure

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-121947 (Bug)

Completion shouldn't use () for lamda with single parameter

Java. Error Highlighting


IDEA-122084 (Bug)

(unstable) spurious error with lambda parameter type inference

IDEA-121930 (Bug)

False positive "Abstract method overrides abstract method"

IDEA-122074 (Bug)

spurious "cyclic inference" error with lambda parameter type inference

IDEA-121866 (Bug)

False "incompatible types" error for diamond type

IDEA-121999 (Bug)

Good code red: Java 8 lambda with auto boxing is argument of an overloaded method

Java. Refactoring


IDEA-54392 (Bug)

Refactoring / Type Migration for generics with annotated type argument could leave annotation

IDEA-103174 (Bug)

JDK 1.8: Type Annotations: Change Signature Refactoring allows adding annotations, shows them in preview, but doesn't actually add them



IDEA-121898 (Feature)

Add Don't ignore String for inspection "Number costructor.."

IDEA-121935 (Cosmetics)

Inspections: Overloaded variable argument method: every non-problematic method adds a warning

IDEA-121920 (Bug)

X/X can be replaced with X - incorrect arithmetic

IDEA-121952 (Bug)

Java 1.8: "Interface may be annotated with @FunctionalInterface" inspection reports already annotated interfaces

IDEA-121938 (Bug)

serialPersistentFields trips "MismatchedReadAndWriteOfArray" inspection



WEB-7714 (Feature)

Support Harmony Modules

Template Languages. FreeMarker


IDEA-120128 (Bug)

FreeMarker macro extra... parameter is not (really) supported



WEB-11180 (Bug)

Typescript file watcher existence disables syntax highlighting

WEB-11283 (Bug)

typescript: Using get / set for public function

WEB-10856 (Bug)

TypeScript: module alias definitions not supported (declare module "aliasModuleName" {...}

WEB-11316 (Bug)

Typescript: Incorrect "Initializer type X is not assignable to to variable type number" error

User Interface


IDEA-122049 (Bug)

Mac messages: in some cases parent window is incorrectly detected

Version Control


IDEA-117753 (Usability Problem)

Git Log: filter should trim leading spaces

IDEA-117920 (Usability Problem)

New VCS Log should remember long edges settings

IDEA-115902 (Cosmetics)

VCS-log: visual artifact on multi-repo root indicator

Version Control. Git


IDEA-119453 (Bug)

After conflicting merge 'git commit' should be called without "--only"

IDEA-120142 (Bug)

Git commit hook error messages no longer display

IDEA-122086 (Bug)

The log is not refreshed after cherry-pick with auto-commit

IDEA-118328 (Exception)

Git Log: AE: Already disposed at com.intellij.openapi.components.impl.ComponentManagerImpl.getPicoContainer

IDEA-122051 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.vcs.log.ui.filter.UserFilterPopupComponent$VcsLogUserFilterImpl$

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-122035 (Bug)

Hg Log: on selecting branch filter == tip the empty log is shown

IDEA-122148 (Bug)

Mercurial: Log: Highlight Not-Picked Commits button is useless

IDEA-122032 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.vcs.log.graph.GraphColorManagerImpl.a

IDEA-122034 (Exception)

Throwable at org.zmlx.hg4idea.command.HgStatusCommand.parseChangesFromResult



WEB-11317 (Feature)

Spy-js: highlight stack entry that takes more than 50% of each stack level execution time

WEB-11353 (Feature)

Spy-js: add "Remove all inactive" nodes action to the events toolbar

WEB-11332 (Bug)

Spy-js: Stack: correctly show function call

WEB-11334 (Bug)

Spy-js: limit length of the shown initial referrer link