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No subsystem


IDEA-120665 (Bug)

Custom file type identifiers should include underscores

IDEA-120351 (Bug)

code analysis fails on commit

IDEA-117734 (Bug)

Clipboard history no longer works by num hotkeys



IDEA-120720 (Bug)

AspectJ post weaving don't work on Windows if not in c:



IDEA-99524 (Usability Problem)

It should be possible to Configure Groovy SDK by pointing to a single groovy-all.jar



WEB-10916 (Performance Problem)

Heavy memory usage to the point of crashing



IDEA-120497 (Bug)

Tomcat versions: consider MANIFEST.MF#Implementation-Version

Java. Code Completion


IDEA-117673 (Performance Problem)

IntelliJ seems to hang when using auto-complete

Language Injection


IDEA-114386 (Bug)

Width of Inject Language options



IDEA-74272 (Bug)

Bundle-Version is not correctly imported from Maven

IDEA-118664 (Bug)

getcwd() problem with Osmorc & Felix

IDEA-56021 (Bug)

OSGi Facets created for non-bundle Maven modules

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-120912 (Bug)

auto update fails on Windows



IDEA-120529 (Bug)

Duplicated 'in' in sql console



IDEA-118846 (Usability Problem)

Editors content not auto synced on terminal activation

Version Control


IDEA-117248 (Bug)

Commit preview has unformatted commit-message

IDEA-120178 (Exception)

RuntimeException if a branch selected in the branch filter doesn't exist in one of repositories in a multi-repo project

Version Control. Mercurial


IDEA-120663 (Usability Problem)

Log and History broken for mercurial 2.9