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The plugin is bundled since TeamCity 9.1. Check the corresponding section in the documentation.


General Info


Ekaterina Shliakhovetskaja


Apache 2.0


free, open-source


SBT runner for TeamCity 9.0.x


SBT runner for TeamCity 8.1.x


SBT runner for TeamCity 8.0


The plugin is bundled since TeamCity 9.1. Check corresponding section in the documentation.


Plugin Description

Adds the ability to run SBT builds in TeamCity. Supported SBT version 0.13.x.

Plugin The plugin supports native SBT log level provided via project config files or via commands (e.g. --error) in command lines. All errors which occurred during the build execution will be shown in an easy-to-read form.

Important note: If you were using the first snapshot version of SBT runner with the 'Custom' SBT installation mode, please remove the following lines from your project builds file and/or your SBT global config settings:

Code Block
resolvers += Resolver.url("sbt-plugin-snapshots", new URL(""))(Resolver.ivyStylePatterns)

addSbtPlugin("org.jetbrains" % "sbt-teamcity-logger" % "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT")


Plugin Development Status

In active development. Everybody is encouraged to try the plugin and provide feedback in the forum or post bugs into Production quality.  If you encounter an issue, use the forum or the issue tracker. Please note the plugin version that you use.